The Nintendo Switch OLED’s Price Has Hit an All-Time Low With This Sale

The price of the Nintendo Switch OLED has hit an all-time low with this sale

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Released last October, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model is the obvious choice if you’re interested in upgrading your current Switch, or want to join the Nintendo party train. Building on the features the base model lacked, it has a bigger and better screen, double the internal capacity, a redesigned kickstand and improved stereo speakers.

Upon its first release, the OLED model started with a suggested retail price of $539.95, but has now fallen to one of the lowest prices we’ve seen to date. If you go eBay Australia from hereyou can score the Nintendo Switch OLED on sale for $411.96 by using the code SAFY20 at the cash register.

You can save an extra 2% on this sale price if you use the promo code PLUS FY22that the Change the price of OLED up to $401.66

There is a small catch with the second promo code as this offer is only available for eBay Plus members. However, if you don’t want to add another monthly subscription to your ever-growing list, eBay offers the first month of a Plus membership for free. So you can grab your discounted Switch and cancel your subscription before the first billed month starts.

Since the original Nintendo Switch usually retails for a suggested retail price of $469, you might be wondering, “why would I go for the OLED model when the original model is even cheaper?”, which is a fair question. Look at it this way, considering how much better the OLED model is compared to the original, getting it while saving over $50 off the standard model price is a steal.

But be quick because this deal will do end on June 26

Why buy the Nintendo Switch OLED model instead of the original?

Image: Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch OLED is everything the base model should have been when it was first released in 2017. While the new color scheme isn’t much to stare at (they really missed a chance to add some bonza color here), it makes up for it with its 7-inch OLED display. screen. The original model has a screen size of just 6.2 inches, and if you’ve ever held one in your hands, you know you’ll be squinting at those little sprites as they dance across the glass.

While we all love the bigger screen, if the image is more important to you when gaming then it’s a good idea to go with the Switch OLED. The images are both richer and clearer, despite Nintendo keeping the resolution at 720p.

A big plus for us is the extensive internal storage. While the original could hold a maximum of 32 GB, the OLED model doubles this to 64 GB. While the Switch’s internal storage can’t hold as much as a Xbox or PS564GB is a welcome update — especially if you’re a fan of that one open world RPGs who like to take up as much space as possible. You can always grab one micro SD card when you run out of space.

If you’ve ever suffered from Wi-Fi connectivity issues, the addition of an Ethernet port on the dock is a true gift. You no longer have to worry about losing all those mysterious gifts that you try to get while playing Pokemon Legends Arceus

Finally, the original Switch’s stand was rectilinearly thin. There is no other word to describe it. To think that a small piece of plastic could support your console is foolish. Fortunately, the improved kickstand runs the length of the new Switch and has sturdier hinges, which is perfect for streaming YouTube videos or the recently added crunchy rolls app.

You can buy the Nintendo Switch OLED model while it’s on sale on eBay Australia from here. Don’t forget to use the promo codes SAFY20 or PLUS FY22 at check out.

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