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We all knew it Final Fantasy 7 Remake was just the beginning, but had no idea how long we would have to wait for the next part, or even how many parts this incredibly ambitious project would cover. Since fans have been begging Square Enix for years for a remake of what is arguably the most popular and important JRPG of all time, there was clearly a lot of pressure on them to get it right. While there was a lot of skepticism about the first part that changed so much about the core formula, it was almost universally acclaimed once we got it in our hands.

After redo, there was almost no news about when Cloud and his ragtag team’s adventure would continue. That is, not until the 25th anniversary of the original PlayStation 1 game, when Square Enix dropped a ton of information about us all at once. The biggest news was of course the official unveiling of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the second part of what we now know as a trilogy of titles. After you beat the first part, you should know that your knowledge of the original title will only serve you so well in the future, so here’s everything we know about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Note: There will be spoilers everywhere for both Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the original Final Fantasy 7

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Publication date

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was unveiled with just a release window for now. At the time of writing, it’s slated to come out “next winter,” meaning the winter of 2023 will be early 2024. Final Fantasy 16 Coming out sometime in the summer of next year, we can imagine Square Enix wanting to give a good amount of space between these titles, so our guess is it’s either coming very late in 2023 or, more likely, January or February 2024.


Zack and Cloud approach Midgar.

This is another interesting aspect of the whole Final Fantasy 7 retelling trilogy. We all remember the first part, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, be a PS4 exclusive at launch and get a PS5 upgrade and a PC version later. However, that game still hasn’t made it to other platforms. Final Fantasy 7 RebirthAt least as far as the reveal trailer indicates, the same formula will follow, although the PS4 will be skipped. When it comes out, you’ll only be able to play this game on the PS5.

We suspect that again Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will be coming to PC within a year of the PS5 release, if this game has the same kind of deal between Sony and Square Enix as the first. As for Xbox players, when we knew that Final Fantasy 7 Remake was just a timed exclusive, the fact that it still Hasn’t appeared on that platform yet indicates that the deal will keep the games exclusive to Sony consoles until the next game in the series comes out or even possibly until the entire trilogy is out. That’s pure speculation, but it’s the only thing that makes sense if it hasn’t been coming to Xbox for over two years.


Our first look at Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was featured in a quick trailer revealing the game during the Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary event in 2022It begins with Aerith stating that although the past is set in stone, the future can be changed, even if it is “written.” This clearly refers to the last game where notable changes to the story were not only made, but were actually a plot point that we’ll get into a little more later on.

We get a photo of the iconic meteor crashing into the planet with the simple question, “What will become of the planet?” From there, we see Cloud for the first time walking into a forest area with Sephiroth, saying that “he wants to finish what he started – reclaim his birthright and rule the planet with Jenova by his side.” This scene is almost certainly from the flashback that takes place right after Cloud and his team leave Midgar and he recounts his past with the villain in his hometown.

As the two walk on, we hear more conversations, with Cloud most likely talking about how he thought Tifa was already dead after Sephiroth went mad, burned down their hometown, and tried to steal Jenova from the reactor. Tifa stops him and asks what he means and if he thinks she is an impostor. This strongly foreshadows the turn of events that Cloud’s memories of this event are inaccurate, leading perfectly to the next block of text asking, “What is fact and what is fiction?”

Next, we see the change that could have the biggest implications for this new timeline going forward: Zack. We see Zack carrying Cloud to Midgar instead of Cloud going his own way after Zack died to protect him. Cloud says, “You were here with me… five years ago. Where are you? What happened to you?” This raises a lot of questions about when this line will be delivered as the original Cloud didn’t realize he and Zack were different people until after he fell into the lifestream much later in the game. Aerith saying “I’m trying so hard to find you” makes a lot more sense because at this point she didn’t know Zack died and the two were dating before meeting Cloud. Zack’s one line, which could very well go to Cloud or Aerith, is, “Sorry…I feel like I’ve let you down.” And then we cut to the new title of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

We don’t want to go too deep into what happened in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, especially no theories here, but there are a few things worth mentioning that will be important to Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth† First off, the only gameplay we see is Cloud and Spehiroth who are apparently on their way to the city or reactor in the mountains of Nibelheim. This means that the events of this flashback will not change – not because Sephiroth, or some other force, cannot or will not interfere with what happened there, but because this is Cloud’s incorrect memory of those events. This story is told in the first town you visit after leaving Midgar, Kalm.

Zack is the other big player to consider. His survival could be the biggest change in the story yet and seriously impact not just the story, but the character relationships as well. We’re very curious what happened to him after he reached Midgar and how, or why, he got separated from Cloud and never reunited with Aerith.

Of course, there’s the big question: will Aerith survive this time? This is impossible to answer right now and could easily go either way, which in itself is exciting not to know what’s to come. Knowing that this series will be in three parts – based on storytelling techniques anyway – the second part is usually where our heroes are at their lowest point, so while it may not come across to the same person or in the same way, the chances are that something will happen at the end of this game that puts Cloud and the others at an all-time low.

As for where the story will go, we can only guess based on the original game, but since they’ve essentially crossed the boundaries of that game, who knows how many things will change. For fans of the original, that’s arguably the most important part of this new event narration.


Cloud and Sephiroth look out over a mountain.

OK, so even though we saw gameplay in the first trailer, it was nothing more than walking around. That leaves a lot of questions in mind, the most prominent of which is how they will handle the open-world aspect. Now that we’re out of Midgar, things will open up massively if the game is anything like the original. In the original, moving through the overworld was represented by a large model of Cloud walking across the terrain, which stylistically wouldn’t fit the hyper-realistic models and environments we find ourselves in. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth† This can be fixed once you start vehicular travel though, so maybe early travel will be more curtailed or automatic until you get your first Chocobo to drive.

Combat-wise again nothing was shown, but based on how well the new action and turn-based hybrid system was received Final Fantasy 7 Remake it would be foolish to think they would distance themselves from it. Of course they are going to expand it, not only with new material but also with new party members. For example, Red XIII should finally be a playable character, plus Yuffie, Cait Sith and hopefully Cid and Vincent too. Each will no doubt have its own systems. In that regard, we anticipate minor changes to the core, but more variety through new characters, gear and material.

Outside of the main story, we’re a little curious about how much side content to expect. Final Fantasy 7 Remake added in a lot of side quests and filled a lot of gaps to make the Midgar section last a full game, but now that we’re out there’s already a lot of main plot, open world areas and dozens of big locations to get through in just two titles that, if they add as much side content as the first game, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth can easily add up to a game over 100 hours. While some may like that, it may not be realistic.


Zack carries Cloud to Midgar.

While not technically stated, we are confident to assume that: Final Fantasy 7 RebirthLike it remake before it and the OG title before it are single-player only. There are ways we could see some weird multiplayer-esque stuff added here and there, like leaderboards or games in the Golden Saucer, but we’re pretty sure Square Enix wants to keep this a pure single-player experience.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was only just revealed and is still a long way off. Once the “Winter” release window gets focused on a date, we expect the pre-orders to pop up. If so, we’ll give you all the editions and details you need.

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