HyperX Clutch Wireless Review

HyperX’s Clutch Wireless controller takes your mobile gaming to the next level. Find out by how much in our hardware review.

Is the HyperX Clutch Wireless the mobile controller you’ve always wanted? † © HyperX

HyperX peripherals have long been known for its no-nonsense quality, which should be music to the ears of mobile gamers who may encounter all sorts of problems using a wireless game controller, not just getting it to work on their device on the most basic level, but also performs as you would expect from a controller on console or PC.

It’s with those thoughts I took the HyperX Clutch Wireless for a spin† to see if HyperX could provide an experience that makes wearing a controller worth it. Did she succeed? Our review reveals everything.

HyperX Clutch Wireless Review

It should be worth noting that HyperX’s Clutch Wireless isn’t just a controller for your smartphone or tablet, although many will pick that up to do so, but Also perfectly suitable for use on the PC via USB, Bluetooth or via the 2.4 GHz RF dongle.

But full disclosure, I’m content from EarlyGame’s mobile gaming-focused sister site, Mobile businessand understanding how frustrating controller support on mobile can be was there there’s only one thing I wanted this HyperX clutch to do – and that’s help me get my hands on Call of Duty: Mobile, drift effortlessly in Asphalt 9 and spin 90’s in Fortnite. So let’s see how I’m doing.

Unparalleled quality

The first thing you notice when you first hold the HyperX Clutch in your hand is the quality of the controller.

The HyperX link mimics the look and feel of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S controllers and feels just as good together as the best from Microsoft. Heavy but not heavy, the buttons have that satisfying click, the D-pad is a true omnidirectional pad and there are two sticks that feel great on the fingers. Two triggers, one more elongated than you’ll see on the Xbox controller, round out the inputs.

Then there are the handles. Not everyone will love them – but I do. It gives the controller a tactile feel and elevates it above other cheaper controllers.

Set up on mobile is easymine came charged out of the box and after I set it to Bluetooth (which can be done quickly and with little fuss on the controller), my OnePlus 7T picked it up without a hitch.

Straight to Asphalt 9, but before we get into the game, it’s definitely worth talking about what’s in the box. In addition to the controller, you get a USB-C to A cable for charging and connecting via USB. A 2.4 GHz RF dongle for wireless connection to PC, and the real price; a phone clip.

Hyper X Link wireless 2
The HyperX Clutch Wireless comes with a mobile clip, USB-C charging cable and RF dongle. † © HyperX

Now this phone clip, also called mobile clip, has two functions. You can snap it to the back of the controller and then your smartphone into its perfectly designed couplings and you’ll soon wonder why so many other devices with similar functionality find it so hard to get this right. The weight balance with my OnePlus 7T was flawless and soon your phone, the controller and the clip all feel one† The clipping action also doesn’t have that snappy spring that gives you nightmares of your phone being capitulated over the train tracks. It just works, and works beautifully, and if there are all console/pc gamers unconvinced of the joys of console gaming feel this should be their gateway drug.

Hyper X wireless 5
HyperX’s versatile phone clip makes it better than most (all?) other controllers on the market. † © HyperX

The Phone Clip can also fold up on its own and become a kickstand, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to playing comfortably. Sitting on the bed with no hard surfaces around? Use the clip. At a desk? Time for the stands. The other major drawback is that, if you’re gaming on a tablet rather than a smartphone, the clip won’t hold your device.

Play your best (usually)

Okay, now on to Asphalt 9. Huge fan of Gameloft’s arcade racer and with my new controller in hand I thought I should put some rubber on the road. Asphalt 9 recognized the controller immediately, which also helps to allay fears that your new device may not have been worth the purchase. All buttons were configured immediately and before long I flew through the streets of Barcelona with a newfound comfort. Not much more to say here except: the worked perfectly

Asphalt 9 Legends
Once you play with a controller on Asphalt 9 there is no going back. † © Gameloft

Unfortunately, I wish I could say the same about Call of Duty: Mobile. Not sure if I should blame my phone, CoD: Mobile or HyperX, I couldn’t get CoD: Mobile to recognize my controller in-game, meaning all tests were definitely over. It is a shame. The only saving grace is that the HyperX Clutch Wireless is a relatively new device and you hope a device or software update will make the controller functional.

No other game gave me problems like Apex Legends Mobile, Rocket League Sideswipe and Stardrew Valley.

I also plugged it into the PC (which was easy enough with a click of the interface switch), booted the mainline Rocket League and liked it as much as my PS5 controller. This controller is really of the highest quality, the buttons, the analog sticks and triggers. I realize I may be repeating myself, but it can go toe-to-toe with any other controller.

Battery for days

You charge the controller with the included USB-C cable, which is easy enough. You can see how much charge is on the controller by the white LEDs on the front of the controller. Four in total, they go off one at a time, until you find yourself needing to charge.

HyperX puts 19 hours of playtime on a full charge on its 600 mAh battery and that feels more than right. I played extensively with the HyperX for five days and only needed to charge it towards the end of that playtime and, especially compared to my phone, it was never the HyperX’s battery life that hindered my playtime.

Final Thoughts

It’s probably obvious to you, but the HyperX Clutch Wireless controller is a special piece of kit† And while a nominally mobile controller has long lost its poor quality connotation, the HyperX Clutch brings ease of use, familiarity with the Xbox layout and ingenious design, making it a worthwhile addition to any mobile gamer’s setup. Add to that the fact that it doubles as an excellent PC controller, and you really have the makings of a must-have piece of hardware.

The price is also ridiculous considering what you get. It’s currently $39.99 (from $49.99) on the official HyperX website and for that price you just can’t find a comparable device.

HyperX knocked it out of the park with the Clutch Wireless and set a new standard for controllers – an easy purchase.

Thanks to HyperX for sending the Clutch Wireless!

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