‘I can’t get around it’: Eddie and radio host clash in live debate about Jordan De Goey

Eddie McGuire has exploded with radio host Neil Mitchell over his treatment of troubled AFL star Jordan De Goey.

The altercation took place on Mitchell’s radio show on Thursday morning, with McGuire being triggered by Mitchell labeling De Goey, who has ADHD, a “Bali boofhead” the day before.

Mitchell said on Wednesday: “It can’t be for every AFL player in trouble to say ‘oh dear, I have this mental illness’.

“How does ADHD turn you into a misogynistic, antisocial Bali boofhead?”

McGuire hit back on Thursday, saying the blows were low and focused.

“You stepped into a person who came out and stated that he had a mental illness that he’s been treated for a long time,” McGuire said.

“(I gave) the most benign critiques last night, but you’re happy to come here if you know a kid has mental health issues.

“You know the media is doing this, the piles. You know there have been people who have committed suicide over the backs of people who just kick them out too far in these situations.”

Neil Mitchell and Eddie McGuire had a heated discussion about 3AW on Thursday morning.Source: News Limited

McGuire, who was president of Collingwood from 1998 to 2021, said he came on the show to “discuss where the media is taking us and then criticize people.”

“We were trying to figure out, how does this guy get in trouble? I’m not defending him,” he said.

De Goey was sentenced this week to a $25,000 suspended fine by his club Collingwood after he was filmed mimicking coarse tongue gestures at a party at a Bali nightclub.

Days later, he revealed a recent diagnosis of attention deficit disorder and lashed out at what he believes was a “relentless pursuit of athletes by the media.”

However, Mitchell told McGuire that he “just doesn’t understand the media anymore”.

“One thing I have in my life is my reputation. I’m not a liar. I have the right to defend my integrity,” he said.

“You accused me of mocking sanity and I’m not.”

Eddie McGuire was president of Collingwood for over 20 years.Source: Getty Images

Mitchell said McGuire had his own long history of criticizing public figures through media commentary.

“Remember, this is the same Eddie who called Adam Goodes ‘King Kong’ and tried to drown Caroline Wilson at the Big Freeze,” he said.

“To paraphrase Julia Gillard, this man will not lecture me on decency.

“Normally I would ignore a huge sled I saw from Eddie McGuire on TV last night, but I can’t ignore it.”

McGuire hit back, saying Mitchell himself had made a list of people he wouldn’t name after “very dark places.”

The incident in Bali is the latest incident of 26-year-old De Goey in a series of scandals for years.

In 2017, De Goey broke his hand in an incident at a bar in St Kilda and initially lied to the club, telling officials that he had injured the hand while playing with his dog.

A year later, he was suspended by Collingwood after being caught driving under the influence and fined $10,000.

The Collingwood star in Bali this month. Photo: InstagramSource: Delivered
De Goey plays in round 13.Source: News Corp Australia

In July 2020, De Goey and another man were charged by Victoria Police with indecent assault following an alleged incident involving a woman in 2015.

However, the prosecutors dropped the charges against both men the following year and agreed to pay De Goey’s legal costs.

In October 2021, De Goey was arrested in a New York City nightclub and charged with forcibly touching a 35-year-old woman and assaulting a 37-year-old man.

The assault charge was dropped and he was offered a plea in January 2022 to downgrade the remaining charge to second-degree harassment.

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