Twitter Offers New Tools for Advertisers, Plus Long ‘Notes’

Twitter today introduced a host of new features for advertisers and users alike, including Twitter Notes, which allows writers of all types to go directly to Twitter for the first time. At Cannes this year, Twitter also announced advertising tools, including conversion optimization and brand likes.

Twitter strengthened its suite of advertiser tools at Cannes this year, announcing a range of new features that both brands and advertisers can use to get more engagement and sales leads from their creatives.

Twitter has also established a new team called Twitter Write, which focuses on building tools and a community to improve the Twitter experience for writers and readers worldwide.

Twitter Write created a compositing tool that allows writers to create stories and other elongated content, called Notes, that followers can interact with. Notes allows people to use more than 280 characters on Twitter in a single piece of content, with the addition of photos, videos, GIFs, and Tweets.


Read on for a recap of Twitter’s new batch of announcements.

Advertiser Tools

  • Brand likes: Brand Likes allow advertisers to customize Twitter’s Like button. An advertiser can select a set of hashtags and for 24 hours, every time someone likes a Tweet that contains those hashtags, the Like button turns into a custom animation. Following a beta test, Branded Likes will be made available to all advertisers in the US, UK and Japan next week. Advertisers who are outside those markets but want to reach people in those regions can also take advantage of Branded Likes.
  • Dynamic product ads: Last year, Twitter introduced more customization through Multi-Destination Carousel, a flexible and engaging way to showcase a variety of products through swipeable ads. Twitter has seen an average 20% increase in click-through rate across all objectives compared to a single asset ad format through this format. Multi-Destination Carousel is the basis for plans to launch dynamic product ads later this year, which will allow brands to personalize the creative they show in their ad by showing the most relevant products to the right user.
  • Conversion optimization: Helps run campaigns to reach people most likely to perform a website action in a lower funnel, such as add to cart, purchase, or submit a form.
  • Location Spotlight: The Location Spotlight is currently available to all professionals in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Next month, Twitter will make it available to all professionals worldwide. The Location Spotlight allows businesses to display their location, hours of operation and additional contact methods such as phone, SMS, email or DM. Ultimately, the Location Spotlight can help a customer move forward with the purchase.
  • Twitter company settings: Twitter Business Settings becomes a central hub for Twitter advertisers to manage their accounts, assets, employees, and permissions in one secure space.
  • App purchase optimization: App purchase optimization is currently in trial, helping brands deliver app ads to people most likely to make a purchase.

Who can use Twitter Notes

Twitter is currently testing with a small, select group of writers in the United States, Canada, Ghana and the United Kingdom who will now have access to Notes as part of the initial testing phase.

Users who are part of the test phase will have access to a new ‘Write’ tab, where they can write and access all their notes. These users also have a new “Notes” tab in their profile with their published work so that their followers can easily find their long content.

Readers in countries where the test is being conducted will be able to see note cards – Tweets with note previews and links – in the start timeline if they follow someone who participates in the Tweet Testing Group for Notes, or if someone they follow Retweets, Quote Tweets, or share a link to a note. Readers in some countries cannot view note cards or notes at this time.

Twitter aims to reach writers of all audiences, rather than just journalists or authors with an existing large following. Twitter says, “users can also be bloggers, newsletter publishers, comedians, content creators, social media community managers, poets, screenwriters, and anyone on Twitter who writes, has a profile as an opinion leader, or just has something to say.”

What to expect from Notes on Twitter

Notes will use a rich text editor to capture articles, opinion pieces, and other types of content from users’ favorite writers on Twitter. It gives all kinds of writers the chance to go beyond 280 characters for the first time.

Notes are seen and read by Twitter audiences worldwide, regardless of where the content publisher is located.

Like tweets, Notes have their own link and can be tweeted, retweeted, sent in DMs, liked and bookmarked.

Notes will appear on users’ timeline on iOS, Android, and the web starting today. The writers in the test group also have a Notes tab on their profiles on the web.

The new feature could potentially compete with platforms with similar functionality such as Medium or the newsletter-based publishing site Substack.

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