21 thoughts I first watched Below Deck

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to work aboard a luxury superyacht – and love reality TV – then Below Deck could be the perfect series for you.

Only if this show has something to offer might there be a lot more drama than you first expected.

I decided to dive into the first episode of season 7 – mainly because it’s available to stream for free on 9Now† It follows the cast and crew as they work during the charter season in Thailand, giving guests the time of their lives.

Stream free episodes of Below Deck on 9Now.

But where it’s often all about having fun for the guests, there’s a lot of chaos behind the scenes for the staff. And luckily we all witnessed that.

Here are 21 thoughts I had while watching Below Deck For the first time. And just a warning, multiple bombshells drop by the end of the episode.

1. I enjoy this introductory insight into all the personalities working aboard the boat, but I also see a recurring theme. They all like to party. It’s getting to the point where I wonder how much work is actually being done on this boat.

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2. Oh my gosh, all these beautiful pictures of Thailand really make me want to go there. It’s three minutes from this show and I’m already considering going on one of these yachts. As a customer, of course, working there seems like a big mess.

Below Deck Season 7 9Now Episode 1
Ashton takes on the role of Bosun for the first time. (9 now)

3. The workers all arrive the day before the guests and Ashton appears to be in charge to take the role of Bosun. I had to google what a boatswain does, and in short, he is in charge of most of the crew. Ashton reveals that he is nervous, and that makes me nervous… But also excited about the potential drama.

4. Chef Kevin is apparently very experienced and has very high standards. “Kevin looks like Tom Cruise mixed with Hugh Grant,” says chief steward Kate. I’m not sure Kate, but sure. Kate is also in charge of the two stewards Simone and Courtney

5. Courtney just revealed to Kate that service makes her feel uncomfortable, and I’m pretty sure it’s about 95 percent of her job. She then adds that as an only child she was “her parents’ favorite” and I just wait for someone to tell her she deserved that title by default.

Below Deck Season 7 9Now Episode 1
Courtney and Simone are the stewards on board. (9 now)

6. Abbie, 24, and Tanner, 26, who are both deckhands, seem to get along when cleaning the boat. For some reason I just feel like they’re going to kiss later. I could be wrong, but I’ve been restrained from this romance.

7. Captain Lee has just gathered the crew and scares them all with a very tense conversation. I live for it. “If I have to get someone out of jail, you go straight to the airport,” Lee tells the crew. It’s good to know that the bar is set low and you literally have to commit a crime to get fired. Maybe I could. Probably not.

Below Deck Season 7 9Now Episode 1
I definitely thought Abbie and Tanner were going to be something, but now that I’ve seen the full episode, I can tell you there’s going to be a twist! (9 now)

8. Oh my god, they have profiles of all the guests, and they want a private dinner with a violinist on the second night. I need to see this. It’s either going to be a romantic masterpiece or an absolute train wreck that I can’t watch.

9. I live for Courtney on this drinking pop quiz. She explains what an ‘old-fashioned’ cocktail is, then reveals why. “The only reason I know what… [these] being drinks is because i like to drink. I’d drink champagne on a yacht, I’d drink rosé on a yacht. I’d drink a mimosa, maybe as a spicy margarita. The sky is the limit on a yacht,” she says. Well, Courtney… go for it. You are on a yacht.

Below Deck Season 7 9Now Episode 1
It didn’t take me long to realize that Kate absolutely delivers with the one-liners. (9 now)

10. The guests arrive for champagne and it’s off to a good start. I also can’t believe how much shine the yacht has had in the few days of cleaning and preparing for the arrival of the guests. It now looks beautiful. Also the crew looks so good in uniform. They looked so bad the day before.

11. The guests are getting hungry and the poor staff have no idea when anchor will be thrown and lunch will be served. But maybe my favorite part is that, while it’s not a big deal, the chef takes it easy.

Below Deck Season 7 9Now Episode 1
Kevin may bring a lot of drama, but as a chef, he delivers with great food. (9 now)

12. Both Chef Steward Kate and Chef Kevin worry about nothing. Turns out, the diners love the lunch, and I’m low-key disappointed as I would have loved to know what Kate would have done if it hadn’t been perfect.

13. That night the sailors are cleaning and Bosun Ashton panics that he has not given his crew a break. Personally one day I can see what the sailors have done that I wouldn’t last on this yacht. Certainly not without food.

14. Kate and Kevin still bicker and hate each other, but it seems Kevin’s saving grace is that the guests live for his food as I live for Dua Lipa’s music. “All yacht chefs are crazy and if they aren’t crazy their food is bad,” explains Kate. “Tonight huh [Kevin] proved that he can cook very well.”

Below Deck Season 7 9Now Episode 1
Guests Michael and Samantha love the food. (9 now)

15. This is a PLOT TWIST. I thought it would be Abbi and Tanner. Apparently not. “I want to contact Kate,” Tanner reveals. “I just think she’s sexy as f—. Kate got my attention 100 percent. She’s beautiful, smart, funny and I tend to older women. The oldest woman I’ve ever been with is 58.” Consider my mind blown up.

16. While I can’t wait for Kate to find out Tanner’s in love, I’m already stunned by the chief steward’s latest statement about the guests. As the young couple video chat with their dog, Kate calls Michael and Samantha “a beautiful couple.” She then adds, “And the perfect example of a man who has a lot of money and a very hot girl.”

17. Michael then enters the kitchen to talk to Kevin about tomorrow’s special night. After all, he has asked for a special dinner for two. He tells Kevin that he plans to propose after dinner. But there is a potential problem, which is that Chef Kevin has severe stomach cramps. He goes to bed and I feel like I’ve just been left with a cliffhanger.

Below Deck Season 7 9Now Episode 1
Michael reveals to Kevin his plans to propose to Samantha, while Kevin reveals to us his plans to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. (9 now)

18. But I don’t have time to dwell on this. Courtney just made a special report to her boss Kate. “Tanner wants to fuck you,” she tells her. Kate finds the news both “super flattering” and “super scary” and I can’t help but agree. “I think Tanner was the cutest thing ever when I was in my twenties,” Kate says.

19. It’s a new day and our chef Kevin has woken up with huge cramps. They show us every time that he has to run to the bathroom, which is quite often. It makes me think the proposal is causing cramps.

20. During the day, Courtney and Tanner take the group to the beach for a day out, and Courtney is not happy. She’s not happy with the heat. She’s not happy that she might be getting a T-shirt color. She does not like to step on small shells in the sand. She’s just really not happy, and I find it so entertaining and unobtrusive, because I can be a princess too.

Below Deck Season 7 9Now Episode 1
Courtney is definitely a vibe, and I really wonder why she chose a customer service job. (9 now)

21. Back on board we see Kevin going back to the bathroom… but that’s all we see, because the episode just ended! WHAT? I’m so annoyed that I didn’t see the proposal. Well, don’t be so annoyed, because I can just watch the next episode. But still. I can just say I’m going to watch the whole season.

Stream free episodes of Below Deck on 9Now.

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