Wife scolds husband for not paying for a date for not having sex

A woman ruined her date after he refused to pay for her meal after saying no to having sex with him.

So much for that whole “love – and ‘good food’ around” – costs nothing” myth.

A romantic getaway to Applebee’s Grill + Bar, a popular restaurant in the US, went up in flames for a while TikToker pretty much known as @Alaska.Gurlwho exposed her soon-to-be Romeo for not paying for her meal after hesitating to sleep with him.

However, The New York Post has determined that the couple in the now viral video — which has received more than 2.9 million views from hungry eyes online — were not on a first date. The couple appears to be in a long-term relationship.

Separate posts on Alaska Gurl’s profile suggest she and her date are contentious lovers — leading some commentators to argue they could have stepped up the restaurant drama to cause digital mayhem. Anyway, it worked.

The savvy couple sparked quite a dating debate: Social media is now split over whether the man’s refusal to pay the bill — unless he’s paid back in bed — was bad taste or just a way to spend his money to spare.

“Are you really going to make me pay?” Alaska Gurl asks her date, an unnamed and unshaven man wearing a wrinkled Looney Tunes T-shirt, according to the images of their eating disaster.

In the chilling clip, an Applebee’s waiter hands Alaska Gurl and her date two separate bills and notes that he was asked to split the bill according to the food items each ordered.

When Alaska Gurl questioned her date about his last-minute decision to go Dutch, he asked, “Are you going to give me some a**?”, asking if she’s willing to have sex as soon as they leave the restaurant if he chooses it. tab up.

To that, she replied with an emphatic “No,” prompting the less than chivalrous chap to hand over her bill, totaling $42.74 (AU$60)

“F**k you,” Alaska Gurl barked. The man replied sharply, “See? That’s your problem. You don’t want that.”

To make matters worse, he said, “Hey, how do you plan on going home?” suggesting that he not escort Alaska Gurl back to her residence and leave her stranded as punishment for rejecting his sexual advances.

“You’re taking me damn home,” she spat, to which he asked, “[Do] you have gasoline [money]†

After yelling “No,” Alaska Gurl zoomed in on the man’s face and spat a warning to his future inamoratas, saying, “You guys, he’s making me pay for my food, because I don’t want to have sex with him. That’s too bad.”

“Look at this man,” she continued. “Never go out with him. Don’t give him your number. Just fucking run!”

In response, the man leaned towards the camera with tight fists and said:[You] whores are hungry.”

The couple has not responded to The mail tries to reach them for comment.

However, a number of amateur cyber etiquette commentators agreed with the not-so-brave man’s steadfast no-sex, no-treat position.

“King! Men are not obliged to pay for your meal!! You ate it, you pay for it!! Unless he offered to pay first!” argued one of the man’s digital defenders.

“Who does she think she is, who expects a stranger to pay for her meal and then demands that he take her home?” questioned another, who interrupted the comment with a series of laughing emojis. “He’s not right, but she’s no better.”

Others, however, put the inconspicuous gentlemen to shame for his rude behavior.

“My apologies, [but] if a man asks a woman out, you pay. You’re the one who approached her and asked her out. It makes sense that you pay,” wrote one viewer. “If you can’t afford a woman’s dinner, you can’t afford to ask a woman out. period”, agrees another.

This story originally appeared on the New York Post and is reproduced with permission

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