Express Delivery: 1500 kW Ford Electric SuperVan Concept Unveiled

The next time you pay extra for express shipping on your online purchases, keep an eye out for one of these outside your home — or not, since it’s a one-time concept.

Ford has revealed new Transit Custom with more than 10 times the power of a standard modelpowered by batteries: the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan concept.

The Electric SuperVan is the fourth member of Ford’s family of ‘SuperVan’ racing van concepts (gallery below), dating back to 1971 with powerful race car V8 engines, track-ready aerodynamic body kits and a healthy dose of weight savings.

But unlike the original SuperVan GT40 Le Mans racing engine, the new SuperVan is powered by four electric motors and a 50 kWh liquid-cooled battery, good for 1471kW (2000 metric horsepower) combined.

While there are two electric motors on each axle, the motors don’t drive the wheels individually, but rather provide power to spin each tire – although the SuperVan ‘4’ is still capable of a 0-0 sprint. 100 km/h in under two seconds.

Ford says the 50 kWh battery pack — mounted low in the floor, befitting a modern EV — can be charged to an unspecified capacity in about 45 minutes “using a standard electric vehicle fast charger.”

The new Electric SuperVan is based on the recently unveiled, road-going E-Transit Custom electric van expected in Australia in 2024 – although only the underbody will be carried over, now married to a steel space frame.

It’d be hard to see a visual resemblance to the road-legal car, as the Electric SuperVan’s composite panels make it look like a 1500 kW race van – with large air vents, green-accented splitters and skirts, a large rear wing. and ‘dorsal fins’ all produce downward force.

Underneath, an unequal-length double wishbone suspension holds each wheel up and connects the “motorsport-grade” front and rear subframes, suspension struts and brakes.

Inside, the Electric SuperVan has the Mustang Mach-E’s portrait touchscreen, with a Wi-Fi hotspot, satellite navigation with charging stations, a telematics system, a button to open the side loading door and an array of cameras around the car.

But there’s little else it shares with road models, with racing seats, a full roll cage and a race-ready instrument display.

There are five driving modes available, like a production Ford – but instead of ‘Comfort’ or ‘Tow/Haul’, the SuperVan offers Road (for “rare cases of normal driving”), Track (for speed and cornering), Drag, Drift and rally.

Other highlights include variable traction and launch control systems, a speed limiter in the pit lane and regenerative braking in three stages, with an ‘Eco’ mode that reduces drive to the rear axle, and an ‘E-Boost’ button that gives a short burst of extra power on command.

There’s also a ‘Tyre Cleaning Mode’ – which brakes one axle and spins the other to warm up the tire on command – plus data loggers that send lap time and speed information back to a computer, and cameras to monitor the performance of the Electric SuperVan. to capture.

You won’t be able to buy the Ford Pro Electric SuperVan, unfortunately, as it’s only a one-off concept – although the much tamer E-Transit Custom electric work van will hit Australian showrooms sometime in 2024.

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