Charlotte Crosby of Geordie Shore launches BBC series on motherhood

Geordie ShoreCharlotte Crosby stars in a brand new BBC Three reality entertainment series about motherhood called Charlotte in Sunderland.

The show follows Crosby’s “unpredictable, dynamic world” as she pursues her personal and professional dreams in her hometown of Sunderland, as she juggles the stress of running her businesses and preparing for motherhood with boyfriend Jake Anchors.

She announced her pregnancy with Anchors in April of this year, and recently revealed that: she’s having a girl

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According to the BBCthe show will provide an intimate look at Crosby’s everyday life as she tackles issues of family, love, friendships, money, health and growing up in the public eye, in addition to balancing the task of running a business and maintaining relationships with to support her friends and family.

Crosby will be based in her hometown, which is why the show Charlotte in Sunderland gets the chance to spotlight “the Northeast and all the things that make it such a special place for her and her family.”

She also expressed her excitement about the new series in a statement: “I am beyond excited to bring my crazy life, my business ventures, beloved family, future husband and my precious bump to the BBC! Hope everyone is ready for the ride ahead!”

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Nav Raman, executive producer for Chatterbox Media, went on to explain what the show has in store for viewers after the next chapter in Crosby’s life.

“This fast-paced entertaining series offers an honest and surprising look at the multifaceted world of Charlotte Crosby. We can’t wait to open Charlotte’s world to the public to join her on this exciting chapter of her journey.”

Charlotte in Sunderland coming soon to BBC Three and BBC iPlayer. Geordie Shore broadcast on MTV.

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