The ‘real’ aviation crisis threatens to close vital connections

Regional airlines in Australia’s aviation-dependent northwest are facing a dire shortage of engineers.

It comes after major airlines across the country experienced delays, flight cancellations and reduced services amid staff shortages and increased demand.

Cancellations at Broome Airport have forced residents to take stranded passengers home as hotels were fully booked during the busy dry season.

Qantas said cancellations at the airport were due in part to “technical requirements” and a full-time engineer was sent to fix the lingering issues.

Broome Airport has suffered from flight cancellations, which QANTAS says is partly due to “technical requirements”.ABC Broome: Andrew Seabourne

But regional airlines in WA are also feeling the bottleneck, with industry figures saying that while most attention has been focused on pilot shortages, technical shortages are a bigger problem.

Shortages affect small operators

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