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PlayStation owners are about to get a lot more for their dollar if they subscribe to PS Plus as Sony is expanding the service significantly.

The idea of ​​a “Netflix for games” isn’t a totally new concept, and it’s been around long before Netflix became the all-you-can-eat movie and TV buffet it is today.

In the 90s, Sega dabbled with a concept this young gamer had, supplying many games to the Genesis consoles in the US (locally Mega Drive), arriving in Sega Channel, which was basically a console cartridge connected to a cable line getting a regular feed of games that is updated every month. It was ahead of its time before the internet became commonplace, but now that high speeds are commonplace thanks to home broadband, the idea has been revived.

If you own an Xbox, you may know it better than any other gamer, especially if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate. Basically the modern equivalent, it delivers a ton of games for Xbox or PC – or both on Ultimate – so you can play to your heart’s content, and depending on whether you have the Ultimate Edition, maybe even on your phone, computer, or via a Samsung TV using the power of Xbox Cloud Gaming

It’s something Xbox gamers have had access to for a while, but PlayStation gamers haven’t. While Microsoft has been offering an all-you-can-play service on its Xbox consoles for over a year now, Sony hasn’t had it, offering PS Plus with a few free titles, which change and rotate every month, or you now have a PS4 or when you game on a PlayStation 5

Sony seems to be changing this though, as it changes what its PS Plus service looks like, and similar to Microsoft, offers a number of tiers depending on what type of gamer you are.

Announced earlier this year and launched in Australia this week, PS Plus seems to offer an assortment of options depending on how much you want to spend, if you do at all. There are three tiers of PS Plus in Australia, which include Essential, Extra, and Deluxe, with each subsequent tier bringing in additional costs, but also the features of the lower model as you go up.

At the lowest tier, there’s PS Plus Essential, to which all current PS Plus subscribers will essentially transfer. Priced at $11.95 per month or $79.95 per year, it’s the same PlayStation Plus Australian PS4 and PS5 gamers have had before, rotating one or two monthly games for free, plus discounts each month. on games and downloadable content.

Slightly above that, Sony has added a PlayStation Plus Extra subscription, which adds $7.95 per month to that cost and nearly doubles the annual cost for Aussies, bringing the price to $18.95 per month or $134.95 per year for PS Plus Extra is coming.

Aside from the one or two monthly free titles on PS4 and PS5 in the lower tier, PS Plus Extra offers up to 400 PS4 and PS5 titles to play, essentially an expansion and subscription similar to Xbox Game Pass, but on the PlayStation consoles instead.

Just above that, there’s also the PS Plus Deluxe, which costs $21.95 per month or $154.95 per year, similar to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cost, which is also around $150 in Australia.

Sony’s PS Plus Deluxe subscription expands the PS4 and PS5 games by adding support for PSP, PS2, and even original PlayStation games that can be played on current consoles.

“The global launch of the all-new PlayStation Plus represents a huge evolution of our range of game subscription services, and we’re excited that fans around the world can now enjoy hundreds of fantastic games available in the PlayStation Plus catalog,” said Jim Ryan, President and CEO for Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Playing the PlayStation 5

At least one thing seems to be missing from action for Australian PS Plus subscribers, and that’s the range of PS3 games that would normally be available. That’s something overseas markets get, in addition to cloud streaming, which is also lacking in action, it seems to Australian gamers, leaving us in the “PlayStation Plus Deluxe (Select Markets)” section listed on Sony’s websiteinstead of the same PS Plus subscription that the US gets.

We’re in talks with Sony about what this means, but it looks like we’re getting a lowered version due to broadband issues, a slightly confusing situation as Xbox has allayed those concerns with local Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Gaming availability, but not Sony.

Without those features – without PS3 titles and cloud gaming – Sony’s new PS Plus service is online and available to anyone with a PlayStation 4 or PS5 console, even if you previously have or paid for a PS Plus account. Sony has also confirmed that people will be able to upgrade for a pro-rated fee if they upgrade, meaning they won’t have to pay the total annual cost if they’ve already paid part of the previous year’s PS Plus.

For those people, or anyone for that matter, the three levels of PS Plus are now available locally.

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