Parents claim to have witnessed ‘creepy’ activity on Kmart baby monitor

A couple has issued a warning about a popular Kmart baby monitor after claiming the device was behaving strangely.

A terrified couple has urged other parents to “throw away” their Kmart baby monitors after claiming their device had been “hacked” and started behaving erratically.

In a social media post, a user claims his son and their partner issued a warning about their $99 Mirabella baby monitor what they bought from kmart.

The family’s message claims the device changed position, scanned their baby’s room, and then turned off after an adult noticed the strange activity.

A Mirabella spokesperson has denied the claims, stating that this particular camera has an “activity zoning” feature that can be enabled in the app, which will allow the device to track every movement in the room.

They also said the camera can’t turn on and off as the post claimed, but rather has a red light that comes on in the dark, which will disappear once the lights are turned on.

“If anyone has this Kmart baby monitor, throw it away now,” the message begins.

“Over the past few weeks, my son and his partner have noticed that he is changing positions.

“Last night my son woke up at 2am to find him and scan the crib and their room, very slowly while they were all asleep.

“My son looked at it, and after seeing it scanned slowly, he looked straight into the camera and it went out immediately after seeing him look at it.

“It’s not motion sensitive, it’s hacked.”

Facebook users were quick to voice their concerns in the comments, with many urging the poster to report to Kmart and spread the word about the alleged incident.

“Holy mole! How scary is this! I’m sorry you’ve been through this and that your privacy has been violated,” said one user.

“OMG I feel sick, this is disgusting,” said another.
“I just put mine in the closet.”

In 2020, it was reported that a Melbourne mother allegedly heard a man’s voice on another Mirabella baby monitor.

Mother Kiara claims she had just floated away after breastfeeding her baby when she awoke to hear a strange man’s voice through the baby monitor.

“My partner Daniel and I were asleep, everything was quiet and dark,” the mother said children’s spot.
“Then I heard it—a very deep male voice that doesn’t belong to anyone I know. Out of nowhere I heard him say, “Mmmmm…that’s a cutie.”

“I was frozen. I was so scared. I reached for my partner and squeezed his arm so he would wake up.”

Response from Mirabella

A Mirabella spokesperson said they are not aware of any hacking issues with their devices, but urged customers to get in touch if they have any concerns.

“Customers with a faulty baby monitor should contact Mirabella directly and any hacking incident should be brought to Mirabella’s attention so that we can investigate the actual baby monitor for any errors or tampering,” said Mirabella developer John Hoang.

“We understand that security, privacy and safety are serious concerns for consumers and especially parents with children.
“Our cameras/baby monitors are manufactured to international industry standards for a global market and are, to the best of our knowledge, a safe device.

“To date, in November 2020, we received one hacking claim that we investigated and found no suspicious or outside activity.
“We are not aware of any other hacking issues with our cameras in Australia or around the world.
“I should point out that this particular camera has activity zoning that can be activated through the app, meaning the camera will automatically detect and track any movement in the room,” they explained.

“The camera also can’t turn on or off as the post suggests. It will have a red light if the room is dark for night vision and that red light will go out when the bedroom lights are turned on.”

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