‘It won’t be a success’: Kimmorley’s potential Tigers appointment labeled ‘unfair’

NRL360 co-host Paul Kent has rejected suggestions Brett Kimmorley could be named full-time coach of the Tigers, amid reports that he is the frontrunner for the position.

Panthers assistant Cameron Ciraldo turned down the role after the club made a lucrative offer and now interim coach Kimmorley has been confirmed as the favorite to take over according to the SMHfor John Morris, Shane Flanagan and Kristian Woolf.

Paul Crawley of Kent and The Daily Telegraph said Kimmorley’s possible long-term appointment was “unfair” for a rookie coach.

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“This is nothing personal against Brett Kimmorley, but he doesn’t have the experience to take over that club,” Crawley told NRL360.

“A club that has gone through four coaches in ten years, you can’t put a guy who’s taken a few blows as an assistant coach and not for several years, you can’t put him in that position.”

“With all due respect to Kimmorley, who I quite like, I don’t believe he has done the job of taking over as big a job as reviving the Tigers and if he is appointed members will have to throw pitchforks there. go in and come out with the sign stuck to the end,” Kent said.

“It’s about years in coaching. The real good guys who take over have had a long apprenticeship. His apprenticeship isn’t what it should be,” Crawley said.

However, David Riccio of the Daily Telegraph believes that one man could be the main factor in the club’s decision: Tim Sheens.

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Sheens was hired as the club’s general manager of football before the 2022 season and made clear his intentions that he would not return to the coach.

Despite having a stellar coaching record, Sheens was hired to oversee football operations and manage the club’s roster.

Riccio explained that he thinks Sheens is still “itchy to scratch” and could help a rookie coach thrive at Concord.

“I’ll attribute it to one difference why I think Kimmorley could be an opportunity, it’s when Tim Sheens takes on a more hands-on role,” Riccio said.

“He wasn’t able to do that with Michael Maguire, well, because he was an experienced coach.”

“Sheensy doesn’t want to coach, though, Sheensy doesn’t want to coach,” said Kent.

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“I disagree, Kenty, I think he could work with someone like a ‘Noddy’ to have a more hands-on role than what he did with Maguire,” Riccio said.

“Sheensy has stated that he is not here to coach the Tigers, he has not come back to coach,” Kent said.

“If Kimmorley or another rookie with similar experience is hired, it will be far too much to ask of Sheens.

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“A lot more than he signed up for, he’s already a lot more responsible, I like the way they throw Sheensy in the lane than the board and everyone just sat back and didn’t say about us now.

“I just think the goalposts have moved for the Tigers since the Ciraldo situation, creating this Kimmorley situation,” said Riccio.

Meanwhile, Crawley made his mind clear, saying “mark my words, it won’t be a success”, but again Riccio had other thoughts, comparing the situation of the tigers to that of the dolphins who are said to have a chance with Kristian Woolf. commanded to work under Wayne Bennett.

Kimmorley expected to let Brooks play | 04:37

“It’s unfair to Brett Kimmorley to put him in that job,” Crawley said.

“They have to do the right thing from him, Tim Sheens is a great coach, but again he has a two year contract and he was not hired to be the coach.

“He is the general manager of football.”

“We’re asking Wayne Bennett to do something similar with Kristian Woolf,” Riccio said.

“Wayne does it differently, Sheens made it clear that he hasn’t come back to coach, when he has a rookie like Kimmorley or another rookie there,” Kent said.

“I think it still itch to get scratched, I don’t say head coach, I say work with another, in a more hands-on role that he couldn’t do with Maguire,” said Riccio.

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