Item solves annoying packaging problem

TikTok users have just discovered the ultimate packaging item and they are obsessed and describing it as a “game changer”.

One of the hardest things about packing for a trip is trying to fit all your clothes into a suitcase.

While you may not necessarily wear all the clothes, accessories, and shoes you pack for a vacation, having options is paramount.

But the real question is: how do you fit all the items in your luggage? Most people just fold their clothes, but there seems to be a better way to maximize your space.

TikTok is going crazy for the “ultimate” travel hack: packing cubes.

Though it’s been around for years, some people have only just discovered it since travel has only recently resumed — and they’re obsessed.

“I just solved the biggest problem I have with packing,” American food and fashion blogger Vera Cai said in a TikTok

“I saw my friend had these in Italy. I thought there’s no way this b**ch would fit all her clothes in that suitcase.

“But she did, so I used her Amazon account and got the same one.”

Vera ended up buying the packing cubes, which are also available on Amazon Australia for $27.99 for a set of eight.

In the clip, Vera revealed how she managed to pack seven sweaters into one of the cubes, eight shirts into another, and two weeks’ worth of socks and underwear in one of the smaller cubes.

“Of course I’m not done cleaning everything yet, but my suitcase has never looked so empty. It’s so organized, so damn organized.

“I know where everything is.”

Vera’s clip has been liked more than 35,000 times and TikTok users were also very impressed with the packaging item.

Others described the cubes as “life savers”.

“I packed my entire closet and six pairs of shoes for a three month move and packing cubes is a life saver,” one woman wrote.

“I’m so glad you found packing cubes!! I’ve used them for yeeeaars and they’re a total game changer,” another wrote, while a third said, “Packing cubes are the way to go.”

Another traveler pointed to compression packing cubes.

“I have them and take so many clothes with me because it’s all packed together in my suitcase,” they wrote.

When Vera asked how the compression works without a vacuum, the TikTok user explained:

“It’s just double zips! Some have something like a vacuum thing that you can manually squeeze all the air out of, I have one of those and it’s great too!”

It comes after a packing expert revealed why vacationers should start planning to pack two weeks before you leave.

Lydia Mansel, who runs the Just Packed site, believes travelers can prepare for all eventualities up to fourteen days in advance.

Speak with Travel + Leisure she said, “For any length of travel, you should think about what to pack about a week to two weeks in advance.

“Personally, I use the notepad on my phone to jot down items I definitely need and add when something else comes to mind.

“For clothes, I type all the days I’m there and all the specific events (sit-down dinners, weddings, hikes) where I need to have a better idea of ​​what I’m actually going to wear.”

She also recommends wearing fewer shoes, adding, “The worst packing mistake for a short trip is definitely packing too many shoes.”

Unsurprisingly, Lydia said the hack she swears by is packing cubes because they keep your outfits organized in your suitcase.

“I didn’t believe in the hype for a long time and chose to just roll or pack my stuff in my bag,” she admitted.

“Since the investment in a set of packing cubes, my entire packing process has become clearer.

“Depending on the trip and what I’m taking with me, I either pack the designated outfits together, use the cubes to hold shoes I don’t want chafed, or group similar pieces (like T-shirts) together.”

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