One prank TV star will never pull again

Tony Armstrong is candid about the joke that got him into “chats” with his ABC bosses ahead of hosting the network’s 90th anniversary special this week.

Don’t expect Tony Armstrong to be handing out roses with Osher Günsberg, eating animal testicles in the jungle, or coming back to OnlyFans anytime soon.

The recent Logie winneR, 32, candidly told that there is “no chance” he would ever sign up for reality TV unless he had “secret lessons from Andy Allen” as a precursor to a stint on Chef

“The more people are interested in talking to me, the less I want to do in a public place,” he said with a laugh when asked about persistent Bachelor education rumours, adding that his “fear-inducing” red carpet debut at the Logies was enough of a trip out of his comfort zone.

“I really didn’t enjoy the red carpet… going to events and stuff like that, I never will,” he said.

“Logie winner, Tony Armstrong,” while joking that he instructed his ABC colleagues to call him from now on, is the brightest star on Aussie TV’s horizon after his win in Most Popular New Talent, and he’s on the list. point to mark a huge milestone on Thursday for the national broadcaster.

Armstrong host of the network’s 90th anniversary special, ABC 90 Celebrate!tonight from 8pm, along with Zan Rowe and Craig Reucassel.

It’s a huge performance for the newcomer as he only got a permanent place on the News Breakfast desk a year agowhere he quickly gained traction as a viewer’s favorite due to his down-to-earth personality and undeniable charm.

But away from the screen, in September 2021, he was his short appearance on OnlyFans that make tongues wag

Tony talks about brutal OnlyFans stunt

Mystery envelops the moment Armstrong was spotted in a verified account on the raunchy subscription-only platform.

At the time he denied he was, if reported:but he has since found out that it was actually set up as a ploy to trick fans into donating to Royal Children’s Hospital Foundationconceived with the owners of lifestyle brand Skwosh Club, Jack Watts and Jack Turner.

“Actually, I’m still waiting to get paid for it,” he explained.

“I did it because I was sitting with some friends, Jack Watts and Jack Turner, and they had a charity show with shorts, and we thought, wouldn’t it be funny if we did something about trolls and trick people into donating? ‘money’.

“As soon as they got into the OnlyFans, they would realize that a subscription was for this good cause… It was just pictures of me having cups of tea or with a book or something. We ended up getting quite a few subscriptions.”

When asked if he had permission from the ABC to join the site for the three-week stint, he sheepishly replied that he “later found out it was supposed to.”

“I wouldn’t say I got into trouble … I had ‘a chat,'” he revealed.

Adorable moment after Logies’ victory

while the former AFL player is clearly well aware that he has become Australia’s favorite internet boyfriend in the past 12 months – he’s managed to stay humble, even with a Logie on his shelf.

“To be honest I haven’t really had a chance to let it sink in,” he said of the win.

“At some point, what was such a humble victory will give me a good chance to reflect on the beginning of my career in the media.

“The nature of what we all do is that you don’t really stand still and think. It’s like, ‘Okay, I’m done with that huge job, now what?’ so it’s a good chance to do that,” he said.

During his acceptance speech, he thanked his mother, “the big cheese”, who he said was “so proud she was almost ready to pop” by the achievement.

“If you had put a light bulb on her, the light bulb would have just come on,” he said of her reaction to the evening.

“I facetimed her immediately after, just around the table, and I was with Rove McManus, who came to congratulate me for producing The project

“I had met Rove the night before, but I couldn’t help myself, I was like ‘Rove, I actually can’t believe I’m saying this, I’m seeing myself from a third person point of view now and I’m fucking annoyed that I’m going to ask you this, but… can you say hello to my mom please?” he recalled, saying his mom was “relieved” by the phone call with the beloved TV personality.

“Then (Rove) asked for $100, which was a little odd,” he joked.

The pressure of live TV

One of Armstrong’s most memorable ABC moments remains his viral slip that saw him refer to cricket captain Tim Paine’s “bulging dick” instead of “bulging disk” in 2021.

Speaking to, the host of ABC’s A dog world said awkward live moments are his specialty.

“I actually have moments every day where I see Michael (Rowland) and Lisa (Millar) looking at me like I’m from another planet,” he said, recalling a day when he was constantly citing cult British comedy series The Mighty Boosh on air.

“I was really absorbed in it and at one point I looked at them and they looked at me like ‘how is this guy not just on TV, but in the building?’ There is clearly something wrong with him,” he joked.

Adding to his obvious popularity with viewers, he mused; “Maybe there are more crazy people like me than I thought.”

But Armstrong knows when to change the tone on the show.

A proud native man and well-known voice in discussions about racism in Australia, Armstrong feels his status comes with a level of responsibility.

“It’s something I’m very aware of and take very seriously,” he said of the platform having to shed light on indigenous issues

“It’s also something where you feel a little bit of pressure to get it right…I don’t take it for granted.

“I know how important it is to have people using their platform (so) when I’m mad about something, I usually say it.

“I’m just really lucky to have had the success that I’ve started to have, but that also comes with a responsibility to make sure I’m trying to do good things.”

ABC 90 Celebrate! Hosted by Tony Armstrong, Zan Rowe and Craig Reucassel, it will air live on Thursday, June 30 at 8pm on ABC TV and ABC iview.

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