Nick Kyrgios’ ‘justification’ for his behavior on and off the track slammed

A tennis presenter is after Nick Kyrgios’ post-match comments following his mixed opening round at Wimbledon.

Nick Kyrgios is under heavy fire after his opening round match at Wimbledon.

The Aussie survived a five-set thriller against Briton Paul Jubb, but his antics on and off the pitch have once again stolen the spotlight.

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Kyrgios took aim at the rowdy mob, a linesman, and admitted to spitting at one of his tormentors in the mob.

At his press conference after the game, Kyrgios got into a joust with reporters when he lashed out at the abuse he says he gets on a daily basis, both on and off court

Tennis presenter Catherine Whitaker used the burner on Kyrgios for his commentary at the press conference as he tried to justify his unruly behaviour.

“Kyrgios started talking about how disrespectful they (the crowd) were. Then he started talking about the messages he receives on social media and how horrible they are,” Whittaker said on The Tennis Podcast.

“He had some important things to say about that, it sounds horrific – tennis has a problem, the world has a problem with social media monitoring. Tennis players shouldn’t go through that and neither should anyone, it’s terrible.

“It really upsets me that he can’t make that point logically and leave it there or let it lead to something logical, interesting or productive.

“Because what he actually does is make that point and then pretty much use it in his head to justify any behavior both on the pitch and in the press room afterwards.

“He has this twisted logic that referees and linesmen are responsible for his online abuse because they make bad decisions that negatively determine the outcome of his matches and then he is abused online for losing tennis matches.

“I’m not even going to go into all the ways logic is stupid, but that has real consequences. He disregards all possible consequences for linesmen and umpires.

“He says, ‘They don’t get the online abuse I get for doing poorly at their job’ and you know I asked him, ‘You know that? Have you ever talked to a umpire or line judge about their experience with their work and what it’s like to try to understand things from their side?’

“And he said, ‘No no, but of course they don’t get what I get’. And not me, but they have their own experience. Your experience doesn’t justify your behavior the way you damn well want to, which is terrible. And today wasn’t even one of his worst.”

Fellow presenter David Law agreed with Whittaker, saying that while he wants players to stand up for these things, Kyrgios doing so leads to a “pointless back and forth”.

“These are very difficult press conferences from Nick Kyrgios when they are like this because he’s broaching important topics and he’s prepared for it, which is great. It is important that players are prepared to do so.

And yet in a way he’s almost the worst person to have that conversation with because he’s so inflexible and has such a tunnel vision about how he sees something and it’s all about his own experience. He doesn’t put himself in other people’s shoes and doesn’t think about anything other than what he’s been through.

“It just makes it a complete, almost pointless back and forth between the journalists and him because nobody gets anywhere, even if it’s a good thing he brought the topic up in the first place.”

“It just leaves you a little confused.”

Kyrgios will face Serbian Filip Krajinovic in the second round.

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