‘I think it should be me’: man dissatisfied with competition’s assessment process

Ben from Sydney thought he was a shoe-in to win a holiday to Fiji after signing up for a fitness challenge with his gym.

But now, after another winner has been crowned, Ben thinks the gym is hiding something after it refused to reveal the winners’ body scans.

“I’ve done my challenge. I challenge you F45 – give us the results,” said Ben.

Sydney man Ben walks. (A current affair)

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Ben got up at dawn and started his first of four daily workouts with a run, every morning.

For the past four weeks, he’s had protein powder, coconut water and beetroot for breakfast, along with other ready-to-eat meals, and has lived this routine in hopes of winning a free vacation to Fiji after seeing a social media ad for the F45 fitness challenge.

It was the motivation the elementary school teacher and aspiring MMA fighter needed.

Sydney man Ben working out. (A current affair)

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“From day one, I was done eating for the week,” Ben . told me A current matter.

“I told everyone I was going to win the challenge and from day one I wanted to win it and I spent every hour I was awake preparing food, working out, going to bed at 8:30 am, getting up at 3:30 am o’clock in the morning.

“By the end I was eating, sleeping and breathing from the competition.”

Sydney husband Ben said he had been preparing the meal for four weeks. (A current affair)

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Ben paid F45 $60 a week for four weeks, plus he claimed it was another $140 for scans of his body.

He believed the money was well spent.

“First of all, my nine-year-old son, he said, ‘Dad, you can win this,’ which was a big motivation,” Ben said.

And after Ben’s body transformation, he’s gotten slimmer, meaner, and nearly nine pounds lighter.

Sydney husband Ben’s before and after photos. (A current affair)

The winner of the competition has lost 15 kilos.

But Ben said he’s not sure now if the contest was about weight loss or overall health.

Ben has since moved to a gym that claims to assess his challenges using only body scans.

“We all did the scan before and after the challenge, so show us them,” Ben said of the winner’s results.

“I’m sure the winner would be very happy to show his results if he won it, right?

Sydney man Ben lifting weights. (A current affair)

“Is there something to hide?”

A current matter asked F45 how the winner was selected and to see the terms and conditions of the competition.

F45 Training Incorporated has informed us that it has been notified and is reviewing the situation.

“You really should judge for fitness, for health, for strength, how people have progressed and improved over that period using individual parameters,” said fitness expert Marcus Bondi.

Fitness expert Marcus Bondi. (A current affair)

“If it’s judged purely on weight loss, it becomes a hunger contest.”

Ben said he has a message for anyone who thinks he’s a bad loser.

“I took time for my little boy’s life, my partner’s lifeā€¦ I paid my money to enter that competition and I wanted to have a fair chance,” he said.

And his message to the winner: “Enjoy your trip to Fiji. I think I should go, but enjoy your trip to Fiji.”

Statement of F45 Training Incorporated

The F45 Challenge is a community-based health transformation program designed to create life-changing outcomes.

Each franchisee is responsible for operating and delivering the program and setting out the terms, conditions and criteria for the Challenge.

F45 Training Incorporated has been notified and is reviewing the situation.

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