T1 Oner: “I want to say that I am currently the best Lee Sin player. But…”

On Day 13 of the LCK Summer split of 2022, T1 took an impressive 2-0 win over DRX in the second game of the day. Despite their huge 24-game winning streak in their last game coming to a sudden halt at the hands of Kwangdong Freecs, T1 came back strong and managed to knock out DRX to take their 25th win of the season.

The following is a post-match interview with Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon.

Thoughts about winning tonight?

It’s a shame that our winning streak came to an end last game, but I’m relieved that we knocked out DRX 2-0.

The huge winning streak came to a sudden halt against Kwandong Freecs. Many say that KDF has prepared well for the series.

We didn’t expect KDF to pick those champions. I believe the reason our win streak came to a halt was because they just prepared much better than we did.

What were some of the issues the team faced in that series against KDF?

Instead of having a huge problem, we just didn’t know about the Seraphine pick. As for the feedback, we’ve covered the minor mistakes we made in that series.

In the western community, some say T1’s concepts are stuck in the past, with picks like Xin Zhao, for example, paying close attention to the early game. How does the team approach the concept?

We don’t think our concepts dwell in the past. For example, to talk a little more about the Xin Zhao pick, we had to get priority over other lane choices, so it was more of a secondary pick. I don’t think our concepts are behind the meta.

You became POG . named [Player of the Game] for both game one and two. How do you rate your own performance tonight?

I would give it a seven [out of 10]† I missed a lot of skillsshots when I was fed. I think I was a little nervous tonight. I had no particular reason why I was nervous, but for some reason I was.

Your synergy with Zeus in particular shone in this series. It feels like it’s even better than before. What’s the secret behind it?

He’s someone I’ve been playing with for a long time, and since he’s getting better all the time, it feels like I’m getting better too.

I want to talk a little bit about Lee Sin. Historically, even if it wasn’t a meta pick, players in Korea chose him consistently. In the current meta, where late game scaling compositions thrive, some say Lee Sin doesn’t really fit into the current meta. What are your thoughts on this matter?

After getting buffs to his base AD, I feel like he’s not lagging behind other AD junglers. As long as he is used well I don’t think he will be left behind by champions like Wukong and Viego.

What kind of plays does Lee Sin need to make to thrive in the current meta?

I think it is important that he be positioned in such a way that he can threaten the enemy carriers.

Most professional junglers can play Lee Sin proficiently to some degree. Where do you think you stand as a Lee Sin player among the other pros?

I think it depends on how he plays. I want to say that I am currently the best Lee Sin player. However, depending on the playstyle, there may be someone better than me.

The latest champion to be released in League of Legends, Bel’Veth

Bel’Veth is out. Did you practice her at all? What’s your take on the champion?

I’m not in scrims, but I’ve run into her in solo queue a few times. I think she is a very snowball champion where if she gets kills she will steamroll but she is weak if she gets no kills. With enough practice I think she could definitely be viable. Once she becomes available in pro play, I think she can appear in pro play immediately.

They say every team in the world watches T1’s matches to learn from them and practice based on that data. Do you feel pressure, knowing that your opponents have analyzed T1 to the bone?

We also analyzed the teams we encounter to the core, so no.

Finally, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

It will be my 500th game soon. I can’t believe it’s been so long, but it feels really good to have reached that milestone already, and I’m very grateful to the fans who took care of me. I hope to spend many more days as a pro with the fans.

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