‘They get away with it’: Uber customer calls for trip cancellations

Since the pandemic has eased and demand for convenient transportation has increased, some Uber customers have been complaining about drivers canceling trips.

Dan Jackson has been using Uber for over six years and while he said the service was great, he now thinks it’s worse than taxis used to be.

“I ordered an Uber and the guy was only a mile away, so he sat there for about 10 minutes,” Jackson told A current matter.

An Uber customer has reported travel cancellations. (A current affair)

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Jackson said he called the driver twice, but he didn’t answer, so he texted him instead.

Jackson claimed the driver then said there was something wrong with his app and that he didn’t get the job.

He said the driver then told him to cancel the trip, but he refused because he didn’t want to incur the costs.

Dan Jackson. (A current affair)

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“I said, ‘Well, I’m happy to wait all night, I cancel my plans. I’ll sit here, I don’t mind’… So he pretended to pick me up from a random location, pretended to drop me off at a random location,” Jackson said.

Uber refunded the $9.66 fee, but Jackson said the money isn’t the issue, it’s drivers’ standard.

The rideshare business was put to the test

A current matter hit the streets of Brisbane on a Friday afternoon to try out the rideshare company.

Of the five trips booked that day, only one was cancelled.

But then A current matter went out on a Tuesday afternoon and faced multiple cancellations.

One of the drivers was only five minutes away but canceled.

A driver even closer to the pick-up location was then put through to the driver, but was also canceled within seconds.

A Current Affair ordered an uber. (A current affair)

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Then 20 seconds later a new driver was assigned to the trip, but again the trip was cancelled.

The fourth driver was six minutes away and it looked promising, but when he was only three minutes away he stopped and didn’t move.

After we messaged him and got no response, the app then showed the driver was 31 minutes away so we canceled.

in sydney, A current matter also tried to book an Uber ride on a Saturday night, for a 15 minute journey from the CBD, but gave up after the driver canceled four times.

“You know, nine out of ten will have a story like this. It’s just one of those things where there’s a hole in their process, there’s a way they get away with it,” Jackson said.

A Current Affair tried to order an Uber before it was canceled. (A current affair)

Rideshare Cancellation Policy

So A current matter decided to ask all rideshare companies about their policies when it comes to cancellations.

When we reached out to Uber to find out what it’s doing to prevent drivers from canceling, it told us: A current matterit proactively informs drivers of the negative consequences that cancellations can have.

Uber said it has an incentive program that rewards drivers for having a star rating of more than 4.7 and a cancellation rate of less than three percent, allowing them to earn points to enjoy rewards such as viewing a ride. of a rider before accepting it.

Of course, cancellations can happen using any rideshare service.

A Current Affair put rideshares to the test. (A current affair)

Didi said his drivers have been temporarily suspended due to excessive travel cancellations.

This allows drivers to intentionally view the destination of a passenger’s trip before accepting it, to prevent drivers from accepting trips and then canceling.

Meanwhile, under their policy, Ola said drivers are not allowed to cancel trips after accepting travel requests.

If the Policy is found to be inconsistent with the Policy, Ola will take appropriate action against such drivers, including permanently deactivating such drivers from the Ola Platform.

For other rideshare users, if you find yourself waiting for that ride, Jackson has one final piece of advice.

“Take screenshots, get your evidence… and file a complaint and get your money back,” he said.

Statement from an Uber spokesperson

“As Aussies revert to pre-pandemic travel patterns, demand for rides on the Uber platform has surged, with a 65% increase in travel requests across the country since the start of the year.

We are aware of the impact that increased demand is having on the rider experience, and we are committed to doing more to ensure the platform can meet rider expectations. This includes addressing situations where a ride didn’t go as smoothly as they would have liked, and actively seeking out new drivers to work with to meet demand.”

We also proactively let driver partners know about the negative impact cancellations can have on the experience of drivers and other driver partners. A driver partner doesn’t make money off a ride if they accept a job and then turn it down before it starts. If a driver partner cancels a ride, for example because he realizes after acceptance that he is driving in the opposite direction of the pick-up location, Uber’s platform matches a new driver partner with the driver.

Visibility of trip duration and direction is provided to driver partners under the Gold tier of the Uber Pro driver partner program. Queensland’s driver partners can see the rider’s fare before the journey begins, as required by state regulations.

Statement from a Didi spokesperson

All drivers using the DiDi app in Australia can preview the destination of a trip before accepting it. This unique feature aims to prevent drivers from accepting rides and then canceling riders, which is understandably frustrating. It is a crucial added value for both our driver and driver communities.

Drivers are incentivized to accept and complete journeys on the DiDi platform through offers of increased discounts on fuel and other operational costs. Drivers are also subject to temporary suspension for excessive travel cancellations. We also provide in-depth education to our driver community about the importance of providing the best possible service to our driver community.

Statement from an Ola spokesperson

“At Ola, safety is our number one priority and Ola expects all drivers to provide safe and efficient services on the platform. This includes a strict policy against any behavior that could pose a risk to the safety of our drivers, drivers and the public. According to our policy, drivers are not allowed to cancel trips after accepting travel requests, if the policy is found to be inconsistent with the policy, Ola will take appropriate action against such drivers, including permanently deactivating such drivers from the Ola platform.

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