‘Bodega Bro’ fired for viral TikTok

A young graduate was fired on the second day after a viral TikTok complaining about a unique city feature sparked outrage online.

A young Midwestern graduate student was fired from his job on his second day after being accused of racism over a viral TikTok video complaining about New York’s neighborhood stores.

Griffin Green was called “Bodega brother” by internet users after the recently arrived Michigan resident shared a video of him looking for a “real” grocery store.

“OK, so I just moved to New York and I’m going grocery shopping, and so I’m typing ‘grocery stores’ on my Apple Maps, and like, every f***ing I go to – like, I walk too – they are like that,” he sayspoint the camera at a corner store.

“Or like, damn, like this,” he adds, turning to reveal another behind him. “Like bro, that’s not a grocery store. Like I’m trying to get like eggs, yogurt, like cheese, like s*** like that. Look at this place.”

He then proceeds inside to show the aisles and hot food counter, smiling referring to the TikTok Trend “The Ocky Way” – a “sandwich-making style that the bodega and deli chefs of Arab New York City are known for,” according to KnowYourMeme.

Walking down the street again, he says, “Like I’ve literally eaten five of these now, and all, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do for dinner. Like where are the Krogers and like the Whole Foods? Like I’m about to f***ing like eating cornflakes and ramen for dinner, like what the f***?”

After being criticized, Green defended himself in another videoand said it was “funny” that his maps always led him to bodegas instead of supermarkets.

He added that he was subletting a s***hole apartment in the Bronx while he waited for his Upper East Side lease to begin. “And yes, it’s a hole, you can’t even argue with me about that,” he said. “There is trash all over the sidewalks and streets and people are sleeping on the sidewalk.”

One Twitter user commented: “Here’s exactly why when transplants come in, we’re seeing a shift of small mom-and-pop stores closing. If you wanted a Whole Foods, you should’ve moved your ass to [an] area that Whole Foods has, but you can’t afford it, so you’d rather complain.”

But some defended him. “No, I’m a black woman who moved to BK from suburban Georgia and got the exact same reaction, especially when she moved to Flatbush Brooklyn, where there’s exactly one real grocery store,” one wrote.

“It’s hard to feed yourself here, that’s why it’s called a food desert. People shouldn’t live like that.”

Popular TikTok Creator Dutch de Carvalho, who has 1.4 million followers, also participated. “This video is for all the people who always say, ‘Dutch people, why do you get mad about people moving to New York?’,” he said.

‘And that’s because they often have such an attitude. They come to the city, in this case the Bronx, and instead of integrating into their community, they just make fun of it.”

He continued, ‘I mean, what, he’s been here two days? And he’s found a way to make fun of the stores that many people in the community rely on — stores that people have to rely on because the supermarket he’s desperately looking for doesn’t exist because he’s moved to a city. those historically and still today have systematically deprived certain neighborhoods that are predominantly black and brown and/or the working class of basic resources.”

As the resistance grew, social media users combed through Green’s other videos and found one showing off his cover letter from software company Outreach.

A Twitter user shared his video while tagging the company. “I don’t think it’s very flattering to have this type of person represent your company,” they wrote. “I would revalue” [sic] his job if I were you.”

Outreach later replied, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Upon investigation, we took prompt action internally in line with our company policies and in line with our core values. He is no longer an Outreach employee.”

According to until RodeOutreach claimed that Green had been fired for showing his confidential employment letter in the video.

“It is against company policy for employees to leak private and confidential information and grounds for dismissal,” wrote Andrew Schmitt, Outreach vice president of communications. “We remain committed to building our culture that finds strength in our diversity, equity and inclusion – and a business where everyone can succeed.”

But Green, who had just started out as an entry-level sales development representative, told the website that on his second day, he got a call from HR to tell him he was being fired, both for the backlash on his videos, and for sharing. of the letter.

“People can be painted because these are terrible people, when really they’re just trying to discover new things,” he said.

“I was exploring New York for the first time… I didn’t know people shop at these convenience stores. It was more of an intention to almost fool myself because I was a new person in town.”

In an email to the company asking for a second chance, he wrote: “All I’m asking for is a chance to explain myself. This is my dream job and I don’t want it to be taken away because of some stupid TikTok video.”

Supporters have now started a GiveSendGo to “Help Bodega Bro Buy Yogurt, Eggs, and Cheese,” which has raised $550 so far.

“Bodega Bro, Griffin Green, was unfairly fired from his Outreach job for having the audacity to choose Kroger over bodegas,” organizer Lucas Kowalski wrote in the description.

“After he moved to New York and signed a lease, the awake crowd harassed his employer relentlessly until they collapsed and terminated him over a few TikTok jokes.”

Thursday a Twitter account in the name of Green early followers to donate. “If you’ve been following it, you know I got fired for some crap,” he wrote. “I’m stuck in New York on a one-year lease, not sure how I’m going to pay the rent. If you’d like to help your boy donate via the link in this tweet!”


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