The storyteller’s memoirs reveal untold stories

He was later educated at an exclusive boarding school in Johannesburg and worked in the dangerous mines of Rhodesia in the 1950s to pay his way to journalism school in London. Here he met his first wife Benita Solomonwhich he followed to Sydney, where they married and raised three sons.

Margaret Gee in 2000.Credit:Peter Morris

He embarked on a career in advertising, first as a copywriter, lasting 34 years, and was creative director for McCann Erickson, J. Walter Thompson and George Patterson before pursuing his childhood dream of becoming a novelist.

Bryce and Benita broke up in 1999. Bryce hired Christine Gee as his publicist in 1997. She became his partner in 2005 and they married in 2011. Bryce died in November 2012, 10 days after the publication of his last book, Jack of Diamonds

While nothing has been pointed out in the promo material so far, PS thinks there’s at least one chapter in the Courtenay story that really deserves a little more attention: The author previously had a relationship with Gee’s identical twin sister, the high-profile publisher Margaret Gee

That sounds like a real page turner.

No closing of the gate on Barilarogate

As Barilarogate delves into former Deputy Prime Minister John BarilaroThe New York Trade Commissioner’s controversial appointment to a plum, taxpayer-funded $500,000-a-year gig — a role he’s now relinquished — it’s his surprisingly short tenure at his latest tongue-wagging job, of Macquarie Street. to the pit – chop locals from Darling Point.

John Barilaro retired from his controversial New York role.

John Barilaro retired from his controversial New York role.Credit:Dominic Lorrimer

In February, it was reported that Barilaro had been appointed executive director of Sydney private development company Coronation Property Co Pty Ltd, which has a slew of mega-budget, large-scale private sector apartment and commercial projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the pipeline. .

Coronation Property Co is owned by: John Landerera noted Sydney lawyer and businessman who made headlines in February after selling his mansion in Vaucluse for $62 million, and Joe Nahaswho has been active in the real estate sector for 20 years and is CEO of Coronation.

Nahas and his wife Danielle Elkorr have attracted unwanted attention around Darling Point, where they are building one of the most ambitious and expensive houses in Sydney, in a prime harborside location. The lingering project has already become the bane of neighbors concerned about the loss of harbor views. But more on that later.

Construction was underway this week on Nahas' new home in Darling Point.

Construction was underway this week on Nahas’ new home in Darling Point.Credit:Wolter Peeters

After being offered his new job at Coronation, Barilaro sought advice from NSW’s Parliamentary Ethics Adviser John Evans, to indicate that the full-time paid act would require him to “get in touch” with NSW and local government officials, adding that he had no contact or official contact with his potential new employer during his last two years of his ministry.

Evans advised Barilaro on Feb. 16: “I believe that your proposed position does not raise a reasonable concern that your conduct during your tenure was influenced by the prospect of participating in the proposed work, or that you would make improper use of of confidential information that you had access to while in office.”

And so Barilaro and Nahas were all systems, the duo became a talking point within Sydney’s competitive real estate development industry, which was already full of chatter about Nahas’ new private residence slowly taking shape on Sutherland Crescent.


However, two weeks ago, Barilaro was reportedly no longer in the position at Coronation Property, after just five months as executive director.

Nahas did not respond to questions about what had happened to Barilaro, and he was reluctant to discuss his new home in detail with PS on previous occasions.

But the Darling Point site has been in the news for the past six years, initially for neighbors objecting to Nahas’ grandiose design, and then two years ago when police investigated an argument over a supposedly unpaid bill between an arborist who was hired to remove a massive 80. year-old fig tree. The arborist was later cleared of kidnapping the foreman’s designer jacket to get his money.

The site was bought under the name Danielle Elkorr, former cricketer’s best friend Michael Clarkehis ex-wife, Kyly Clarkefor $11.125 million in late 2015. The following year, Nahas and Elkorr filed their first DA.


Millions of dollars have already poured into the new multi-storey house, which has at least two years to go before it is finished.

The house, which seems to cascade down like a waterfall, stands on land that once belonged to the Oxley family, heirs to the Bushells tea fortune. And just a stone’s throw from the bustling work site, members of the Oxley family still live in the majestic and historic Gothic Revival Pile of Carthona, which sits quietly by, a poignant symbol of old Sydney coming to terms with the new.

Teplitsky to appear in court

Project developer of the millionaire Eastern Suburbs Michael Teplitskic is due to appear in Downing Center Court next Thursday, more than a year after being charged with two counts of ordinary assault allegedly committed against rival property developers Tal Silberman and David Markovskythe son of Teplitsky’s former business partner, the late Boris Markovsky

Both alleged victims are demanding an arrest warrant for domestic violence against Teplitsky, who is also charged with entering landlocked land without a lawful excuse and is currently on bail.

Project developer Michael Teplitsky.

Project developer Michael Teplitsky.Credit:

Last year the Australian Financial Review Teplitsky’s lawyers reported that he would contest the charges, but Teplitsky did not return a call from PS this week.

In 2017, federal police raided Teplitsky’s Double Bay office as part of investigations into the $105 million Plutus tax fraud. Teplitsky was not charged in the fraud, but he – along with his then girlfriend, a former Sydney socialite – Olivia Korner – were involved in a scuffle with the police, images of which were captured by the Herald‘s photographer covers the story.

New neighbors in Rosebery

Stan Sarris and wife Judy at a social event in 2019.

Stan Sarris and wife Judy at a social event in 2019.Credit:Estaban La Tessa

Renowned bon vivant became a controversial magazine publisher Stan Sarris ready to kiss his beloved and expensive terrazzo floor in Surry Hills, if Gourmet Traveler Wine quits his lavish digs to shrink in Rosebery, which some of his new neighbors have been paying close attention to.

Once celebrated as a food and wine pioneer in Sydney during the heady 1990s and early 2000s thanks to his celebrated Banc and GPO developments, Sarris and his wife Judy, who has just returned from a tour of Italy’s vineyards, are a regular value in the long run. Sydney’s cocktail circuit.

But, just as he did when the ambitious GPO project failed 20 years agoin more recent times they have have prevented financial ruin† Creditors were informed that GT Wine Magazine Pty Ltd had been placed in receivership on June 8 after defaulting on its repayments.

Sarris, who said he was “beaten to six by COVID”, told PS he continued the business while cutting costs and working “to rectify the missed payment”.


More than a year ago, creditors voted for Sarris’s payment schedule after more than $1 million in debt crippled publication, leaving many former employees and contractors thousands of dollars. Creditors had accepted a deed of settlement to pay 10 cents in the dollar.

PS hears some of those still smoking creditors are about to become GT Wine’s new neighbors in Rosebery.

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