Britney Spears’ ex-manager helped create conservatorship, her lawyer claims

Despite denying any involvement in Britney Spears’ According to new court documents filed by Spears’ attorney, the pop star’s former business manager, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group, was directly involved in the legal settlement.

The filing alleges that Tri Star received at least $18 million from the… conservatorship† Tri Star and its founder, Lou Taylor, were the superstar’s business managers from 2008 to 2020.

The company was hired by the singer’s father, Jamie Spearsaround the time he put his daughter under guardianship.

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Britney Spears’s former business manager received at least $18 million from the conservatory, the petitioners claim. (Invision/AP/AAP)

The elder Spears was the singer’s conservator for most of the 13-year legal agreement, before being suspended by the court in September last year, before the conservatorship was terminated completely in November.

Tri Star has previously said he has no involvement with Spears’ conservatory. But now a new court filing from Spears’ attorney Matthew Rosengart says Tri Star and his employees, Taylor and Robin Greenhill, were heavily involved in facilitating the conservatory.

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The legal documents refer to emails, allegedly sent by Taylor, regarding the conservatory.

“Tri Star, Lou Taylor and Robin Greenhill have all denied that Tri Star was involved in the founding of the conservatory,” Rosengart’s filing said, citing an affidavit from Greenhill which read, “At the time the conservatory was founded.. . was established by this court in early 2008, Tri Star had no part in Ms. Spears’ cases.”

The filing also references media interviews in which Tri Star denied their involvement with the conservatory.

“These denials by Tri Star and its representatives are false,” Rosengart writes. He also states that Tri Star received “more than $18 million from the conservatory that helped create it.”

Jamie Spears
Jamie Spears, pictured, is said to have hired the company around the time the conservatory started. (AP)

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Tri Star attorney Scott Edelman offered a response to the claims Saturday morning.

“This is materially misleading. As all the evidence makes abundantly clear, the conservatory was founded on the recommendation of a legal counsel, not Tri Star, and approved by the court for more than 12 years,” Edelman wrote.

“In fact, Tri Star wasn’t even the conservatory’s business manager when it was founded. Selected excerpts from emails can’t change the facts, so this nonsense will end once and for all when the records are unsealed.”

Rosengart has publicly promised to fully investigate Tri Star. His firm enlisted PI firm Kroll to investigate the company’s behavior alongside her father’s.

In the new filing, emails Kroll obtained show communications allegedly sent between Taylor, Spears’ father, and his former attorney, Geraldine Wyle. The emails show that Wyle was in contact with Taylor before the conservatory was established in February 2008.

†[Andrew Wallet] and Tri Star will serve as cos [with] you,” Taylor wrote in an email to Spears’s father on Jan. 17, 2008, stating that she had spoken with Wyle and her co-counsel. “Looking forward to working with you,” Taylor wrote to Wyle .

On January 30, 2008, Wyle reportedly wrote an email to Taylor stating, “We’ve been experiencing a problem with… [the] selection of judges… the only judge who can hear our case on Friday is the only drug [sic] who will not authorize Jamie to administer psychotropic drugs” to Britney Spears.

Britney Spears and her husband Sam Asghari. (Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

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Emails referenced in the file seem to indicate that Taylor wanted to be a co-conservator. In an alleged email dated February 2008, Taylor wrote, “I’m the right person for this.”

“I fought for Jamie for 3 years, prayed and fasted with him every week and life has changed dramatically because of this determination,” Taylor wrote in a 2008 email.

Variety has reached out to Tri Star attorney Charles Harder for comment on Rosengart’s application and to verify the authenticity of the referenced emails allegedly sent by his client, Taylor.

He also states that Tri Star received “more than $18 million from the conservatory that helped create it”

Rosengart has been fighting Tri Star since he was hired by Spears as her attorney in the summer of 2021. He has accused the company of “obstructing” its attempts to obtain information for his client. In this new application, Rosengart argues that the reason Tri Star is not cooperating is because they were directly involved in the founding of the conservatory, despite the contrary.

Spears’ father and Tri Star have been the subject of damning accusations from the singer, who has said they insulted her and took advantage of her financially during her conservatorship.

A report in the New York Times claimed that the star was guarded by a security team hired by her father and that Tri Star was involved in tapping the singer’s phone. At the time, a Tri Star attorney told the Times, “These allegations are not true.”

Last week, a lawyer for Spears’ father, Alex Weingarten, filed an affidavit denying any knowledge of wiretapping his adult daughter’s private bedroom or authorizing surveillance of the pop star.

Britney Spears, daddy Jamie Spears
Spears and her father, Jamie. (Twitter)

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“I am aware of Britney’s counsel’s allegation that an eavesdropping device or ‘bug’ was placed in her bedroom as a security guard during the conservatory. This allegation is false,” Spears’ father said in a statement.

“I have never supervised Britney’s bedroom, not even at the Conservatory. I am not aware of any such supervision.”

Variety has contacted Weingarten for additional comment on the July 1 submission, regarding Tri Star’s involvement with the Conservatory.

While the surveillance allegations were largely directed at Spears’ father and the security team he allegedly hired, Tri Star has been at the center of extensive claims of financial mismanagement.

In December 2021, Tri Star was later the subject of a presentation in the New York Timestitled ‘Britney Spears Felt Trapped. Her Business Manager Profed,” which raised financial questions about Tri Star founder Lou Taylor and whether she improperly enriched herself with the singer’s earnings when she was her manager.

In the Time piece, both Taylor and Jamie Spears denied any impropriety through attorneys.

Taylor’s attorney, Harder, said Tri Star “served the estate faithfully” and helped Ms. Spears build an estimated $60 million net worth, which he said is “a success by any measure.”

Britney Spears
Spears is now free from the conservatorship. (Instagram/Britney Spears)

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Now, in this new filing, Rosengart states that through his role in Spears’ conservatorship, Tri Star has not only benefited from at least $18 million from Spears’ estate, but also “built his company on the back of Britney Spears.” “, which now represents stars. ranging from the Kardashian family to Travis Scott.

“Despite his integral role at the time the conservatory was founded, despite reaping at least $18 million from Britney Spears while she was a conservator, and despite building his brand on Mrs. Spears’ name and incredible talent and hard working…when Tri Star’s Counsel, the undersigned, was informally asked at the end of 2021 for basic information about the conservatorship…Tri Star, like Mr. Spears, chose to oppose and cover up,” Rosengart writes.

More than seven months after the pop star’s conservatory ended, her legal battle continues. Apart from this new application regarding Tri Star, Rosengart also continues to fight against her father.

The elder Spears recently requested that his daughter be dropped off to address her social media posts in which she made allegations about his behavior towards her during the Conservatory.

Rosengart denied that request, stating in a filing this week that his client’s father seeks “revenge” through a “sham statement” while avoiding his own statement.

The next hearing, which is expected to cover all of these matters, is scheduled for July 13 at the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse.

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