‘Secret’ detail on Britney’s wedding photo

Fans of the iconic pop star have gone nuts for the $65 new product used by Britney for her big day — and it’s as good as the hype.

Ask any bride about their wedding day makeup and you’ll be sure to hear about the lengthy process it took to choose their foundation.

That’s because what you put on your skin has to do a lot of different tasks, and most foundations, to put it bluntly, just aren’t up to the job.

In addition to needing stamina and longevity—weddings are notoriously long days—brides often have to wear a product with more complete coverage than they’re used to for all snaps (photos generally wash your face out).

But the last thing a bride wants is to look cakey and dry in front of their guests.

It really is a balancing act, which is why I took note when it was revealed what Britney Spears was wearing on her face for her big day.

While I have no plans to get married anytime soon, this beauty lover can’t say no to an impressive foundation, and Brit looked glowing and radiant.

It turns out that the secret to Britney’s bridal skin was the Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation.

The famed British makeup artist revealed in a recent Instagram post that the iconic pop star wore her latest foundation for her wedding (in fact, her entire face was made up of products from Charlotte Tilbury’s extensive range).

Lucky for me, when “Beautiful Skin” launched in late 2021, it was at the top of my Christmas list, so I had been using it for several months and trying out the product.

The luxury beauty item – which you can buy in Mecca shops and online – is infused with more skin-friendly ingredients than many popular face creams, which is saying something.

It has hyaluronic acid for hydration and the oh-so-popular rose complex for brightening, as well as nourishing coconut extract — so you can see why it’s on the higher end of the price scale compared to, say, a drugstore brand.

The idea is to both smooth and lighten the skin by increasing its glow while also adding hydration to a makeup step that has traditionally been known to dry out.

I loved this foundation from the moment I first used it. It is by far the best in the Charlotte Tilbury range and she has made a few.

I’ve used shade 4 neutral and found it to have a nice amount of coverage without being “too much” – it’s the perfect “medium” in my opinion.

To give you an idea of ​​the look on the skin, it still lets my freckles show through, while hiding the redness all over my nose and cheeks.

One TikTok user described it as “like wearing your natural skin, only better” and I totally agree.

Another selling point is the finish, it gives the skin a dewy satin finish that looks heavenly. When I use it on days when I feel particularly tired, it gives my face a brighter, more awake finish – which came in especially handy during my long-term Covid flare that left me exhausted.

My skin is not dry during or after using it, and I don’t get those icky creases as the foundation sets as the day goes on.

It is also very easy to apply and super lightweight – there is no pilling with Beautiful Skin. It goes on beautifully with a makeup sponge and a brush.

However, if you suffer from skin problems such as pigmentation spots or redness from acne, this may not cover you enough.

In my case, it’s always been my go-to on days when I want to look like I’ve put in the effort, without really putting in much effort – no wonder Britney chose it for her wedding day.

And judging by the reactions online to her bridal look, everyone wanted to recreate her skin at home.

“Love her makeup looks so natural and beautiful,” one user commented on Instagram.

“She gave an amazing natural and flawless look for her special day,” added another.

While many said, “BRB, just buy this foundation now.”

So now the secret is out, shine, just like Brit.

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