Cuphead DLC Achievements and Trophy Guide

Players are looking for a Cuphead DLC achievement and trophy guide. The cleverly named Delicious Last Course (DLC) has made its debut, introducing a new island for players to explore and new challenges to face. Do you have what it takes to get every achievement and trophy in the Cuphead DLC?

Cuphead DLC Achievements and Trophy Guide

The Cuphead: Delicious Last Course has 14 new trophies to earn. They all have to do with the new island where the Cuphead DLC takes place. Here’s the list of Cuphead DLC achievements you can get:

Cuphead DLC Achievements Pack 1

  • A Vacation in the Wilds: Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle IV.
  • Ranger: Get an A rank or higher for all bosses in Inkwell Isle IV.
  • Alive and Kicking: Defeat a boss with Ms. Chalice
  • Decadent: Defeat 10 Bosses with Mrs Chalice
  • The Golden Touch: Defeat a boss with one of Ms. Chalice’s Super Arts.
  • The latest sensation: defeat a boss with one of Porkrind’s new weapons.
  • Checkmate: Defeat all champions of the King of Games.
  • A King’s Admiration: Defeat the King’s Gauntlet.
  • Compliments to the Chef: Complete your quest on Inkwell Isle IV.
  • Cooked to perfection: Achieve an S-Rank on a stage of Inkwell Isle IV.
  • The High Hat: Defeat a boss on Inkwell Isle IV without killing any of his minions.
  • Savory: Have 9HP at once.

Cuphead DLC Pack 2 Secret Achievements

  • A terrible night to have a curse: survive the nightmare
  • Paladin: Get great power

None of the trophies listed above require an internet connection to earn. You can also team up with a friend to make the journey easier. We’ll show you how to get each trophy to make it easier for you to emerge from Inkwell Isle IV as the winner.

Virtually all trophies in the Cuphead DLC are considered bronze trophies. This is for both Pack 1 and Pack 2 of the Delicious Last Course DLC.

You can get quite a lot Compliments to the chef just by filling it in completely. But if you want the A vacation in the wilderness achievement, you also have to beat the secret boss which pretty much means you get A terrible night to have a curse performance.

To get to the secret boss, you have to go to the graveyard and buy the Broken Relic for one coin from the nearby shop. You’ll find this on the southernmost part of the island, just above the Howling Aces battle location. You then have to go to the region of the Glumstone Giant and look for the three climbers who are on the podium. Pay close attention to what they say as they will give you clues on which tombstone to communicate with to fight the secret boss.

Once you have what you need, go back to the graveyard and solve the puzzle. You then fight the secret boss who will give you the Cursed Relic you need for the Paladin performance. You have to equip it and fight against every boss in the game to get the achievement.

Once you get to the new island, you can play as Miss Chalice. Play with her as fast as possible to get the AliveDecadentand The golden touch performance. The last of the trio can be quite tricky to get, as you have to time Miss Chalice’s Super Art to beat a boss.

When trying to get Checkmate and The admiration of a king the bosses you have to defeat don’t have the standard way of fighting. Instead, you deal damage by parrying their weaknesses when they appear in the level.

Cuphead DLC Achievements and Trophy Guide. We hope you found this article informative. Stay with us a little longer as we have more Cuphead content for you to check out.

Watch this Youtube video of BeardBear shows a battle against all bosses in the Cuphead DLC with no damage. You’ll need to take a few notes if you want all the Cuphead DLC achievements.

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