How to save money on fuel and reduce emissions by changing your driving style

Amid rising cost of living and petrol prices of more than $2 a litre, experts say eco-driving techniques could help Australians save money on fuel and cut emissions.

According to the RACQ, eco-driving is a “smart, smooth and safe” driving technique that can lead to: fuel savings of 15 percent, or up to $400 per yearbased on an unleaded gasoline price of $2 per liter.

So what exactly is eco-driving?

Eco-driving is a driving technique in which: customize the way you drive — within the traffic rules — as well as keeping track of vehicle maintenance and plan travel carefully so that you drive more efficiently.

All this ultimately results in lower fuel consumption.

According to toll road operator Transurban, there are some simple changes that all drivers can make to drive more economically: drive as smoothly as possiblereduce hard braking and maintain a lead of about three seconds on the vehicle in front

The RACQ suggests: looking forward to help you drive smoothly, gently brake and accelerateavoid stop-start drivingand if you in a manual transmission car, with the correct gear for the conditions and fast shifting through gears

They also suggest: avoid idling and turn off engine when parkedeven if you stop for only a few minutes.

Does economical driving really reduce fuel consumption?

Transurban conducted an eco-driving trial with 400 participants over a four-week period, during which: participants improved their fuel efficiency by more than 5 percentwith a corresponding reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Based on the results of the Transurban trial, if the average motorist were to put eco-driving into practice, he could: save over $120 a year on fuel

Matt Brennan, Transurban’s head of sustainability, said the company’s eco-driving trial has shown drivers can make small changes that have a big impact on the environment and their fuel bill.

“The good news is that everyone can benefit from these findings — imagine the possibilities if these driving changes were more widely adopted,” he said.

Eco-driving is safe drivingbecause many of these behavioral changes can help minimize accidents.”

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