The internet surprisingly sided with a frustrated dad who called his wife

Reddit Sides Up With Dad Calling His Wife Lazy While Staying Home With Their Young Child

A frustrated father has taken to the internet after berating his wife for “being lazy” while at home with their three-year-old child all day, saying it’s “not hard” to be a stay-at-home parent.

In a after until redditmany surprisingly sided with the harsh dad’s criticism of his wife, as he had previously been a stay-at-home dad to the couple’s now grown children when she was on the job.

The couple, both 48, have been together since they were just 22 years old and have five children, most of whom have been cared for primarily by their father for most of their lives.

The internet surprisingly sided with a frustrated dad who called his wife “lazy” and said stay-at-home parenting “isn’t hard” after years of doing it himself for his four kids

“I was the stay-at-home parent, I cooked, cleaned, played games, etc. from the time they got home from the hospital, all of them until their mid-teens, where I thought they were old enough to stay home alone,” the disgruntled father wrote.

He said the youngest was a ‘surprise’ and was only three years old, so when she was born he quit his job ‘as usual’ and kept an eye on her until recently.

“Eight months ago my wife came to me and said she wanted to quit her job and look after our daughter,” he explained.

“I was skeptical because she’d never done it before, but she’s her mom and assumed she could handle it like I did. Well, she didn’t handle it right at all.’

The man said he would come home from work to find the house in disarray, no dinner cooked and his wife watching TV while their young daughter is “a mess”.

After I tidy up the house, cook dinner (which I don’t mind, I’ve been doing it for over 25 years) and get ready for bed, she complains about how hard it is to be a stay-at-home mom. to be. Personally, I think she’s lazy,’ he said.

“I was able to watch the twins with little to no effort, and I did until I was fourteen. I also watched our third and fourth child without any problem. I never asked for help and sucked it up because I was a father. It’s ridiculous that she has so much trouble watching a three-year-old.”

After their heated conversation, the father said he came home to a clean house, dinner cooked and a happy daughter, but tensions between them are still high and he fears he may have been “too hard” on her.

The man said he came home from work to find the house and his daughter

The man said he came home from work to find the house and his daughter “a mess” and failed to prepare dinner while his wife watched TV, sparking a heated argument between the couple

He later added to the post that his wife would not return to work immediately after the birth of their other four children and admitted that he occasionally hired help to help care for the children and the house. .

The dad’s post drew hundreds of comments from Redditors with their thoughts and opinions, most agreeing that his wife is wrong.

“I could see there’s a day or two here and there where a person just ‘hangs out’ and creates chaos, but she’s definitely lazy about it. Some people just aren’t meant to stay at home with kids and belong in the job market,” one person replied.


Whose side are you on?

  • The stay at home mom 49 votes
  • The frustrated father 174 votes

“You could have been a lot nicer with what you said. Sounds like you might be a little outraged that you weren’t appreciated as much for being a stay at home parent and maybe snapping a little,” wrote a second.

‘Even a job that is easy for one person is not necessarily easy for another. Hopefully this opened her eyes to all the years of hard work you’ve put into it,” they continued.

“There’s also an age difference between when you had the older kids and the younger ones. No one is as spry as they used to be,” a third commented.

“You’ve actually been a stay-at-home parent, so you know what it means and you’ve been able to do it. Sounds to me like you made it easy so she didn’t think she had much work to do,” a fourth replied.

After reading everyone’s comments, the father gave an update saying that although things are getting better between the couple, they still disagree on the matter.

“We argued back and forth for a while, she said she still needs time to adjust, I’m ashamed of her, it’s different for mothers,” he said.

“I started hiring help and she quickly shot this one, annoyed me that I suggested she needed help to take care of her house and child. It felt like we were walking in circles.’

He said he has insisted on hiring help that his wife is more open to after many discussions, and has offered advice on how to make her new stay-at-home mom job easier.

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