Science has proven that everyone’s eyes are really brown

Science is a strange and fascinating world. If it’s not contributing to amazing inventions, radically new technologies, or trying to solve the world’s medical mysteries, it can also reveal facts we don’t always like.

If it doesn’t prove that the dinosaurs all looked like giant chickens and did not roar, or Take away Pluto’s planetary statusscience gets personal to prove that people with “uniquely” colored eyes actually just have brown eyes.

That’s right – everyone started out with brown eyes.

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What Causes Brown Eyes?

Blue eyes? Green eyes? Brown eyes? Grey eyes? Science says your eyes are actually brown.

dr. Gary Heiting is a licensed optometrist and editor-in-chief of an eye care website called All About Vision. According to Heiting“Everyone has melanin in the iris of their eyes, and the amount they have determines their eye color. There is really only (this) one type of pigment.”

Melanin is the pigment that is in your hair and skin as well as in your eyes, and the color is – you can probably guess it – actually dark brown.

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