Tech Gallery: 2022 Enve Builder Round-Up, Part Three – CyclingTips

You know what was particularly missing from the 2022 Enve Builder Round-Up? Bikes made of carbon fiber, titanium and steel abounded, but those made of aluminum were nowhere to be found.

That’s a shame, given the enormous potential of aluminum as a construction material. Maybe the cheap metal just doesn’t have enough prestige for some, or maybe buyers’ tendency to own their bikes for a long time doesn’t sit well with aluminum’s undeserved reputation for poor long-term durability.

Anyway, we’re closing our third and final round of coverage of the 2022 Enve Builder Round-Up with an assortment of fine steel and titanium machines (follow the links to see parts) a and two in this series). And don’t worry, aluminum – we’ll see you soon enough at another custom show.

Chumba Cycling

Bridge Bike Works

Horse bikes

Scarab Cycles

Retrotec Cycles

SaltAir Cycles

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