Non-alcoholic beers, bottle shops and bars: why more Australians are giving up the drink

For a growing number of people, saying no to alcohol isn’t a ‘Dry July’ charity, but rather a lasting lifestyle change — and businesses are capitalizing on the zero-alcohol trend.

Adrian Allier quickly saw the burgeoning business opportunities it presented. Last March, he opened Free Spirit Drink Co, the first 100 percent non-alcoholic beverage store in Perth.

“From day one, it was amazing how many people were actually interested in this product and wanted to buy these products,” he said.

Adrian Allier says non-alcoholic beverage options have grown significantly over the past year.Delivered

“We started the company with just 30 products, we now have over 200.”

Not only has the product range grown, but Mr Allier noticed this in the demographics of the customer base.

“When we first started the business, most of my clients were women,” he said.

“But in the last six months, as the beer market has taken off – we now have over 75 different non-alcoholic beers that we sell – and now we see more men starting to change their habits.”

More non-alcoholic drink options

Michael Payne was part of this cohort and made a lifestyle change.

He stopped drinking alcohol in July 2020, but found that the liquor-free options were lacking at that time. So he decided to take matters into his own hands and create an alcohol-free beer.

Michael Payne, owner of non-alcoholic beverage brand LIightening Minds, is holding beer cartons
Michael Payne discovered that alcohol-free beer options were limited when he stopped drinking in 2020.Delivered: Lightening Minds

He recruited Matt Crockett, a brewer at Little Creatures Brewery, to help make Lightning Minds pale ale last year.

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