Reece Walsh’s ‘biggest miss’ for dolphins yet as questions about the future of Selwyn Cobbo’s Broncos

The Dolphins Get Their “Biggest Miss” Yet With Reece Walsh reportedly set to sign with the Broncos – but the race for his signature is not over yet.

And the move raises questions about the future of young Brisbane star Selwyn Cobbo.

Walsh, 19, has yet to agree to any terms or sign a formal contract with the Broncos according to Paul Kent of The Daily Telegraph.

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“Nicoll-Klokstad told the Raiders today that he will return to the Warriors next year, we understand the reason is that Reece Walsh is about to agree with the Broncos and will essentially end up there next year,” Kent said. Fox. League NRL 360.

“The other part is the Dolphins had a rough time for Walsh. Look, it’s not over yet, he didn’t sign, he didn’t agree with the Broncos, but the talk is definitely on.”

While Walsh’s Broncos return seems likely, the dolphins can still drop in at the last minute and “sharpen their pencil” with a lucrative deal.

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“There were rumors that Reece would not go to New Zealand, he would not travel and he would leave,” said NRL 360 presenter Braith Anasta.

“It was whispered that he would not go to Brisbane, but to the dolphins.

“The dolphins were desperate for him, you just spoke to officials in Brisbane, it’s not official yet that he signed, I’m sure at 11am the dolphins will come back in hard for Reece.

“This may not be over yet.”


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James Hooper of Fox League replied: “Wayne needs to sharpen the pencil, they need to come back and when they need to try to get this kid over the line.

“Because in the area of ​​key positions, that’s an area where they’re missing.”

The Dolphins have missed out on key players like Harry Grant, Jahrome Hughes, Kalyn Ponga and Reed Mahoney and are desperate to attract an elite player to the club.

Their despair is great. Fox League’s James Hooper believes the club will pay over $100,000 more than what the Broncos are offering to make him the face of the dolphins.

As it stands, Wayne Bennett has Jamayne Isaako to play in the No. 1 jersey but could make a last-ditch effort to lure Walsh away from his former club.

“How much do you pay for a man like him?” asked Paul Crawley of the Daily Telegraph.

“Because paying ‘whatever it takes’ can really screw up your salary cap.”

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Hooper said, “You pay $100,000 or $150,000 more than what the Broncos pay.”

Meanwhile, Braith revealed to Anasta that he believes Walsh will be the Dolphins’ biggest miss if he makes a deal with the Broncos.

“If the dolphins miss Reece, this is their biggest miss. This is the one they wanted the most. I believe this is the one they wanted the most,” Anasta said.

“This is definitely the one they were most confident in,” said Kent.

Walsh’s possible signing also raises another question about the future of young gun Selwyn Cobbo.

The 20-year-old Maroons winger has been touted as the long-term Broncos full-back, but if Walsh joins, that spot will be taken.

“Selwyn Cobbo, a lot of people would have seen him as a future fullback at the Broncos, so what does that mean to him now, he has recently extended,” Crawley said.

“His future is not playing on the wing.”

Cobbo recently re-signed with the Red Hill club for a two-year extension, which will see him stay in Brisbane until the end of the 2025 season.

Walsh’s possible signing raises some big questions and the idea of ​​the recruit being played in halves was sent off.

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Paul Kent believes there is a chance he could perform alongside Adam Reynolds.

“I think so, I don’t think you recruit them both to play fullback,” Kent said.

“I don’t agree with that, if you’ve got Adam Reynolds and Ezra Mam there,” Hooper said.

“All the good fullbacks started out as wingers at some points, Anthony Minichello, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck,” said Kent.

“They didn’t buy these two quality players to play in the same position, there will be a plan there, certainly the Broncos will have a plan.

“This is all fresh, so we’re still digesting it, but the Broncos aren’t spending top dollar to get two dudes and let them fight it out.”

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