‘Frustrated and Embarrassed’: More Roos drama as explosive emails from fan group member leaked

There is a new drama in North Melbourne, with a prominent member of the Kangaroos supporters group calling on President Sonja Hood and chief executive Ben Amarfio to resign immediately.

The Herald Sun leaked the email chain first starting this week between Shinboners Club member Adrian Kinderis and about 50 past and present employees in North Melbourne, including Amarfio who is demanding change at the club.

It comes as de Roos has called on longtime football manager Geoff Walsh to judge the 1-14 club amid its struggles while the future of coach David Noble is questioned.

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But in his email, Kinderis called for those who appointed Noble to be held accountable, expressing dissatisfaction with the way it initially handled its correspondence with Amarfio from May.

“Apologies in advance for the unsolicited email, but I’ve had enough,” Kinderis wrote in an email sent Monday.

“I wanted to share an exchange I had with the CEO earlier this year (see email chain below – start bottom) – it’s long, but hopefully worth a read.

“The CEO and executive team who installed the current coaching regime should be held accountable for the current state of the club.

“Obviously there are some fundamental issues with performance measurement.

“In order to bring in Geoff Walsh, who I understand was there at the time of the previously failed regime, a band-aid is placed over a gaping wound to calm the supporters and those who care about them.

“I am frustrated and, frankly, ashamed.

“I pay my money and have for many years, too much. I’ll say what I think and I think it’s time for action.

“Sorry Ben, you have to bring the club president – anyone who supported this experiment that was misnamed at the time and has been wrong ever since should be held accountable.”

Kangaroos CEO Ben Amarfio looks on during a North Melbourne Kangaroos AFL media opportunity a (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)Source: FOX SPORTS

Kindervis, who is currently in Germany on work commitments, expressed concern about the club’s direction and progress in its original email.

“It is concerning that we apparently judge the club’s performance against internal Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and that there is little insight into how these relate to actual winning games,” he wrote at the time.

“If these KPIs that appear to be “all going in the right direction” don’t lead to better performance, then I’d say they may need to be reassessed to measure performance in the field.

“I’ve seen a lot of football in my time. I’m bothered by our current roster, strategy and execution.

“Call this e-mail “bleed”, call it an old-fashioned “piss and moan”, but I have the feeling, as someone who has contributed to this club for a number of years, that we are not going in the right direction and you will hopefully forgive me for my words and tone.”

Experts tear up Hipwood verdict | 01:11

Amarfio replied at the time: “I can point to the views of several experts, including Paul Roos and others who have done similar exercises, who believe that we are indeed laying the right foundations and have a very solid rebuilding strategy.

“It’s true, it doesn’t look like it at the moment, but things will change as our game plan is embedded, our players develop and we attract more talent to the club.

“We have said very openly that we want to see continuous improvement, both collectively and individually.

“We saw last year that we accept that our gains compared to last year this season have been patchy so far.

“The club collectively decided a few years ago to renew a list that was among the oldest in the league.

“The entire footy department – staff and players – has specific KPIs that align with the teaching, learning and growing style that David Noble has brought to the club. We are all responsible for those measures.

“The group is united, determined and focused on making supporters proud. We know we are going through a rough patch at the moment, but as David saw with Brisbane and our GM from footy performance Dan McPherson witnessed in Melbourne, these things take time.

“In terms of definitive KPIs, our pre-season GPS comparisons (which are confidential by the way) showed that the total volume of distance traveled across the group increased by 10% year over year and the volumes of high-speed running and sprint training increased. intensity had both increased by more than 30%. Obviously coming from a low base.”

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