Candice condemns David Warner ‘injustice’ as Cricket Australia calls a bomb

Former ironwoman Candice Warner has come to her defense again cricket star husband David about his controversial lifelong leadership ban.

Candice initially criticized the ban, which was handed out by Cricket Australia over David’s involvement in the Cape Town 2018 ball-tampering scandal in late 2021. say Australia was missing a ‘great captain’ as a result of the ruling.

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“I think he’s only lost one out of nine or ten games as captain,” Candice said at the time.

With the topic of David’s lack of involvement in the now-flawed Big Bash League becoming a hot topic of conversation in cricket circles, Candice has doubled down, saying the “injustice” of the ban continues to bother her.

“Yes, it bothers me. I don’t like injustice, so it does bother me,” she told Triple M.

“But it doesn’t really bother him because he can become captain in the UAE, he can become captain in India, where people appreciate his cricketing brain and what he can bring to a team.”

The injustice of the ban was highlighted in 2021 when former Test captain Steve Smith returned to the leadership ranks at the end of his own two-year suspension for involvement in the ball-tampering scandal.

Smith’s promotion to vice-captain reopened old wounds for the Warners, who said they were going through some very difficult times while David served a one-year ban.

David Warner and wife Candice Warner pose for a portrait at a Cricket Australia media opportunity. Credit: Kelly definesGetty Images

“It wasn’t my job to question my husband, it was about supporting David at the time,” Candice said.

“For me, it was about being his strength as much as possible. I didn’t think too much about anything. There were definitely times when, as a family, it was like ‘what’s next’.

“But you take each day as it comes and there were plenty of opportunities for David to play in Canada and the Caribbean.

“There are definitely times when as an athlete you say, ‘Okay, I can sit there and get really upset or I’m setting goals for the future’.”

But with reports emerge that Cricket Australia will soon discuss the potential to lift Warner’s leadership ban at an upcoming board meeting in July, Candice said that opportunity wouldn’t necessarily tempt him to play in the BBL again.

“David has an incredible T20 record in India, in Australia, he’s one of our best ever,” Candice said.

Steve Smith and David Warner were both pulled from leadership roles after the ball-bust scandal. Credit: Albert Perez – CAGetty Images

“Whether the ban is lifted or not, if he plays Big Bash, it’s a decision we’re talking about during this time of what’s best for the family.

“There is also another competition going on in the UAE, which financially (has) a lot more money.

“It’s not just a matter of lifting Dave’s ban, it’s a matter of what’s best for our family. And Dave just accepted that he has this ban now.”

Candice’s comments come in the wake of a very public statement of support from the current test captain Pat Cummins towards Australian superstar opener Warner.

Speak with News CorpCummins said he disagrees with the idea of ​​life bans.

“I do have a view. Basically, banning someone for life that I don’t agree with,” Cummins said.

David Warner could stay with the big bucks in the Indian Premier League rather than return to the BBL. Credit: AP

“People are allowed to learn and improve and grow. So yeah, essentially I disagree with that concept.

“He’s a fantastic leader in our squad here. If he has a formal role, he would be fantastic in that too. So if that ever comes up, he’d be great.”

Australian cricketer Moises Henriques has also previously taken Warner’s life ban, calling it “unfair”.

“I definitely think that’s not fair,” Henriques told News Corp. in 2021.

“Anyone who goes through that and goes through that kind of outing and exile that those guys went through understands the consequences of a bad culture or the consequences of going too far.

“Anyone who learns the hard way, as you would almost suggest, is better suited for leadership roles in the future than if they didn’t learn at all.”

While Cummins (Captain) and Smith (Vice Captain) are currently locked in to lead the Australian test team into the future, Warner would be a great option for a lead role in the shorter formats of the game if his ban is indeed lifted by CA.

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