Apparently MAFS’s Bryce Lost His Tassie Radio Gig After Another DJ Complained To The Big Bosses

Controversial MAFS Groom Bryce Ruthven is reportedly demanding a $200,000 settlement from the Australian Radio Network (ARN) for ostensibly offering him an employment contract in May, but withdrawing the offer after he signed.

According to documents obtained by The Herald SunRuthven alleges that ARN has breached his contract and suffered loss of income, reputation and emotional distress.

“To be honest, I wasn’t in a good place for a few weeks,” he said.

Apparently, Ruthven along with his fiancée Melissa Rawson and their newborn twins had already made plans to move from Melbourne to Tasmania for the job at Launceston radio station, Chilli FM.

Ruthven claimed he also quit his job for the radio position.

“Our Client has suffered damages in an estimated amount of $333,30.00 being the aggregate of: $77,000 as the annual salary promised by ARN as part of the offer; $53,000, as eight months of salary that our client’s partner is now missing, because of her (employer’s) requesting unpaid leave until January 16, 2023 to move to Launceston; $200,000.00, as the estimated loss for damage to our customer’s reputation and probable inability to find employment in the radio industry in the future due to ARN/Chilli FM’s behavior and the nature of the radio industry; and $3300.00 for legal fees,” the letter read.

“However…our client is willing to accept payment of $200,000 in full and final settlement of any claim they may have against you.”

DSA legal partner Joseph Alescia said Ruthven was “ready, willing and able to perform the contract and he has been prevented from doing so.”

“There has been an offer from the Australian Radio Network, our client has clearly accepted it, and based on that offer, our client has negotiated and acted against him and that included not taking up other offers of work and taking arrangements to move between states,” Alesci said.

“For some reason, my mind has changed. Anyone can change their mind, but there are consequences.

“ARN clearly thought an arrangement had been made or they wouldn’t have bought him tickets to The Spirit of Tasmania to allow him to start moving.”

Meanwhile, ARN said in a statement: The Herald Sun: “We confirm that we have received a reminder. As this is now a legal matter, we cannot comment further.”

Monday’s podcast episode of So dramatic! exactly repeated Why Ruthven lost the job in Tasmania and was later refused another job in Newcastle when he started crawling back.

Apparently, when Ruthven turned down a job offer in Newy and accepted the breakfast radio gig in Launceston in May, it was quickly withdrawn after the DJ he was supposed to replace approached the “great regional boss of ARN” and created a stench about it. .

A source told So dramatic Launceston’s host asked the regional boss why Ruthven was hired to replace him after previously insisting that the MAFS villain was not allowed to get a job at the station.

The message is reported to have returned to the departing DJ after Ruthven went around telling anyone who would listen that he would be moving to Tassie and be available for MC events there. Those locations then contacted its predecessor to ask if WTF was going on with the restructuring at Chilli FM.

Bryce Ruthven’s contract was terminated “then and there”, So dramatic! reported.

After being dropped off at Launceston station, Ruthven apparently tried to get back to his original offer at Newcastle’s NEWFM. They had none of it.

So dramatic!The source said the bosses withdrew the original offer after he chased them down for Tassie’s gig.

“They turned around and said, ‘You’ve already turned us down for another gig… Obviously you’re not determined to come here, so we don’t want you now. The offer is now off the table,” the source said.

“They also told him to stop applying because he will never work for the company again.”

Well, that’s one way to get yourself blacklisted, isn’t it.

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