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Sure we have great beaches, great food and coffee to match – but a Kiwi TV host says there’s a reason why you should leave Australia for New Zealand.

Sure, we’ve got a beautiful coastline, great food and wine, and pretty good coffee, but TV host Melanie Bracewell says Aussies will have to swap their homeland for neighboring New Zealand this year.

Channel 10’s Kiwi Host The cheap seats For years she’s said she’s “laying the groundwork” to get more Australians across the ditch for their next holiday, and now the borders have reopened – now’s a better time than ever to book a flight.

Bracewell, in her new role as ‘secret’ travel agent for NZ alongside Richard Wilkins, Ricki-Lee Coulter and Stan Walker, has a duty to essentially remind the world what is unique and indispensable about Aotearoa.

Speaking to about her home country, Bracewell said it’s not hard to find a destination she’s been passionate about since birth.

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“Every time I go there, even when you’re at work or other people are at work, you still feel like you’re on vacation,” she explains.

“There’s such a relaxed, laid-back energy in New Zealand, even when you’re visiting for work… it’s just chill.

“It’s a small country that has so much to offer, so you only have to drive for two hours and you’re on the beach. Then you have the vineyards, you have islands… you could traverse the whole country in a few weeks and see a lot of different things.

“You don’t have to travel long roads to get anywhere, instead you can be there in 45 minutes and see something completely different.”

Bracewell said that while she loves Australia and many of us have spent most of the two years exploring our own backyard, there’s one thing New Zealand doesn’t have that should come as a big selling point for holidaymakers who tired of creepy crawlers .

“I was trying to book accommodation in Australia, love Australia… and I looked and thought [place] is fun… and it said we have a spider and snake every now and then and I said, no!,” she laughed.

“The big plus in New Zealand is that you can go anywhere and in the worst case a native worm or something. Most of the time our native wild animals are prey so you don’t have to worry about anything and you don’t go into the middle of nowhere and get eaten by a snake, so that’s a big plus about New Zealand.”

Bracewell said that while people going to New Zealand need little persuasion to make a return trip, there are misconceptions about what a Kiwi vacation looks like – especially among younger travelers

“I think people see a poster here or there, and they say ‘oh you can go skiing’, but what else?” Bracewell said of the misconceptions surrounding a holiday in New Zealand.

“I think people should go” [to New Zealand] when they are young you want to bungee jump… you want to do all the fun and exciting things while you are young.

“You don’t want to be cliché. When you post a shot from Bali, people say ‘okay, everyone else too’. But you go to New Zealand and you find places that others don’t have because there is just so much in New Zealand.

The quirky TV host said the best part of her home country is the opportunity to make it an “exciting multifaceted vacation”.

“The convenience is part of the appeal because it literally just jumps over the ditch,” she said.

“People say it’s a big part of Australia, but I’d say New Zealand is very different as I’ve spent a lot of time in both places.”

Bracewell’s involvement in enticing Australians to visit New Zealand coincides with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s visit to Down Under this week.

Ardern hopes to spend her time in Australia enticing locals to New Zealand as the country finally lifts restrictions on overseas travelers after two years of brutal Covid rules.

New Zealand has now relaxed its rules around international visitors, as well as other measures taken to curb the spread of Covid.

“This trade mission is one of many steps this government is taking to reconnect New Zealand to the world while actively strengthening partnerships between government, business and industry,” Ardern said in a statement Monday.

“I don’t hesitate to say we missed you. And you are now welcomed like no other as we are so excited to have people back.

“It is ski season in New Zealand. Look, in normal times, Australians of our international skiers made up about 71 percent of the market. So Aussies love skiing in New Zealand. I can see why. It’s easy, it’s accessible.

“I’d like to think I can be objective, it’s… [New Zealand] is simply the most beautiful place. “What I also like is that you can get that combination of being in cities, but in close proximity to nature, beaches, great walks, nature tourism and now food and wine – it’s hard to have a bad meal.” to have.”

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