Globe, to explore the world and access information from a new perspective – How smart technology is changing lives

Currently, we can find web pages on the Internet that provide us with various digitally generated cartographic views. In it we can check various aspects related to the world and the people who inhabit it

The latest release in this area comes from Mapbox, a company that provides online maps developed on request for other companies from different sectors, with the aim of offering these cartographic tools that contribute to the optimization of their activities.


the last of them, Globe, offers a view of the world in this link, where users can see various aspects that are useful either for plan your vacation or make the track a shipment performed by a company like DPD, which has proven itself to be one of the best options in the field of international package and that now, with the integration of the Globe view into its platform, it further strengthens this position.

Global parcel delivery company @DPDgroup_news on why they use Globe View: “We wanted to use innovative and leading edge technology, but also in a format that would be easy to use. Mapbox Globe view has certainly delivered on that.” More:

— Mapbox (@Mapbox) June 28, 2022

So also Mapbox’s Globe view can be used by: travel agencies or hotels to provide users with a means to make it easier for them to carry out a trip or their vacation, and also to allow them to consult wider regions to make a comparison of offers.

This added, the Globe view breaks convention, display the results in a more dynamic and interesting way compared to the traditional method.

Globe also allows you to expand the range of different weather phenomena happens in real time so you can get a broader perspective on it. This way you will have a better idea of ​​how the sun, land masses and water affects the wind direction and intensity

enchanting #mapboxglobe

— Mapbox (@Mapbox) June 29, 2022

How does Globe work?

The Globe view works in the same way as all other Mapbox projections and can be enabled by: Mapbox Studio or with the help of setProjection method

All those cards that have the ability to be displayed under the Globe view do so via a subtle transition that leads to a spherical globe display when you zoom to a certain point.

Taking into account that the Globe view a function performed on the client sideyou can work with it without making any changes to your custom data layers.

It’s worth noting that Globe has a series of elements that allow the user to customize aspects of the on-screen display, such as the color of space, as well as the atmosphere around the world and the visibility of stars.

Show us your globes! ? Use #mapboxglobe and tag us to send globes to our showcase. Beautiful, weird, crazy, practical… what are you going to do?

— Mapbox (@Mapbox) June 28, 2022

Custom Map Styles = Custom Globes ✨ Add Globe View to existing styles in Mapbox Studio with one click – then share your creations! #mapboxglobe

— Mapbox (@Mapbox) June 29, 2022

Clicking HERE will take you to a web page with a name card riverwalker presented under the Globe view, where you can tap anywhere in the world to simulate the path of a raindrop from that point to the nearest ocean.

try the new @Mapbox globe projection on the riverwalker and seems to work really well!

— Sam Apprentice (@sam_apprentice) June 22, 2022

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