8 best PlayStation Vita games of all time

The PS Vita is slowly being forgotten by history, but we’re here to remind you of all the great games the handheld had to offer.

While the PlayStation Vita isn’t looked back with much fondness, it can be considered ahead of its time. It may not have had the power that the Nintendo Switch has, but the general concept of a handheld that you can play on the TV is there. With touchscreens on the front and back and a vibrant OLED display, there was plenty to love about this little device.

Looking at the extensive games library, it can be a bit hit and miss, but there were some greats. It has long been the best way to play PS1 and PS2 games, and the vast array of original titles is nothing to stifle. We’re looking back at the very best of what the Vita had to offer, and maybe it’ll convince you to dust off yours if you’ve ever owned one.

wars of freedom

As is often the case in these niche JRPGs, we take ourselves to an animated post-apocalypse where people fight to work out a 1 million year prison sentence. The combat focuses on a grapple whip, which is a lot of fun to play with, especially since you use it to deal with some terrifying and gigantic opponents.

The Nonary Games

Escape room games are a lot of fun with their abstract puzzles, but the video game world leaves you even stranger, and The Nonary Games introduces several timelines into the equation. You’ll be scratching your head for hours, layered under a great story that forces you to make sweeping choices for yourself and your allies.


If you like Phoenix Wright but want something a little darker then you should have tried Danganronpa years ago. You’ll have to put your detective and courtroom skills to the test to get away with murder in a series of dramatic stories that expertly play with your emotions from start to finish.


This beloved JRPG series recently announced that it will make its way to modern consoles, but you shouldn’t sleep on the Vita releases, especially since it has the original and both versions of Persona 2. If you’re interested in this genre, then you’ve almost certainly played one of the Persona games, so why not come to Vita and enjoy the rest?

chopped off

Created by the same developers and Luchador Metroidvania, Guacemelee, Severed focuses on the unique features of the Vita. The responsive touchscreen is vital to gameplay, something few developers care enough about. You have to face enemies from all sides, but with only one arm to fight them, meaning you’re constantly on a turntable to keep yourself safe.

lost dimension

This forgotten gem of a JRPG plays with strategy like few other games have done before. There is an element of social deduction in the battle, because every time some of your teammates are traitors. You can of course clean them up to protect yourself, but if you do, you’re robbing a valuable team member in the now, even if it costs you later. It’s a genius balancing act that no one else has ever tried.

Killzone mercenary

First-person shooters have never fared so well on handhelds. It didn’t help that the DS didn’t get an analog stick until it became the 3DS. However, the Vita had no such problems and left the market open for someone to do something special for the console. Each level allows you to take the stealth route, and it has all the trimmings of a fantastic stealth game in addition to the enjoyable shooting mechanics.

Hotline Miami

One of the best indie games ever made, Hotline Miami’s frenetic action is second to none. You go into every top-down heist with a gut full of confidence to be literally gutted in seconds. Whether you play slow and careful or build up to a perfect fast run, it’s endless fun to infiltrate, fail, then infiltrate again to learn the layouts and tactics with each kill.

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