FBI ‘Helps Australian Government’ Over Amber Heard Perjury Allegations

The FBI is reportedly helping the Australian government investigate whether actress Amber Heard committed perjury in a Queensland court in 2016.

The charges of perjury relate to legal proceedings that arose from a visit to Australia with Johnny Depp in 2015, when Heard violated strict quarantine laws by failing to state that the couple’s two dogs, Pistol and Boo, were the Law & Crime Network reports.

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Heard smuggled the two Teacup Yorkies into the country via private jet in May 2015 when her then-husband was the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean moviebypassing quarantine protocols and violating strict Australian biosafety laws in the process.

According to the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, dogs or cats brought into Australia from the US must have an import permit, be quarantined for 10 days and undergo a veterinary examination before being released.

None of these things happened before the dogs arrived at Depp and Heard’s luxury Gold Coast lodgings.

At the time, then-Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce famously ordered that Pistol and Boo be taken out of the country or else they would be euthanized.

The story made international headlines after Heard was accused of illegally importing the dogs into the country.

She was fined after pleading guilty to the lesser charge of falsifying travel documents and then, along with Depp, was forced to record an awkward apology video.

“I’m really sorry that Pistol and Boo weren’t reported,” a morose-looking Depp said in the subsequent video.

“Protecting Australia is important.

“Declare everything when you enter Australia.”

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in an apology video after the Pistol and Boo incident. Credit: 7NEWS

The dogs were flown back to the United States because Heard blamed the jet lag and sleep deprivation for not declaring the dogs when entering Australia.

But during Depp’s libel trial in the UK 2020 against The sun, his former estate manager Kevin Murphy said he repeatedly told Heard the dogs would not be allowed into Australia because the proper paperwork had not been completed.

He also testified that Heard wanted him to ask her former assistant, Kate James, to take the blame for not arranging necessary paperwork.

Heard told the British court that the Pistol and Boo saga was Depp’s fault and that he had told her to “grease” (ie pay off) a vet.

A spokesperson for the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment said: law and crime that it was “investigating allegations of perjury by Ms Heard during legal proceedings for the illegal importation of two dogs into Australia in 2015.”

Barnaby Joyce threatened to euthanize Pistol and Boo. Credit: 7NEWS

“As the case is ongoing, the department cannot comment further,” the spokesperson said.

The department has not confirmed or denied the FBI’s involvement.

But retired FBI agent and attorney Bobby Chacon told the… Law & Crime Network that the FBI’s involvement in the Australian investigation was not unusual.

“The FBI has an office in Canberra and FBI agents are permanently assigned to Australia,” he said.

“Part of their mission is connection and assistance, so if the Australians needed anything from here in the US they would definitely contact the Australian office of the FBI and the FBI would probably help.”

In Depp’s more recent libel trial in Fairfax, Virginia, his attorney Camille Vasquez tried to ask Heard about the Pistol and Boo saga.

Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Bredehoft, objected and the subject was no longer asked.

But the Aquarius actress has clearly don’t forget about the drama — and she certainly hasn’t forgotten the Australian government’s threat to euthanize her pets.

Late last year – six years after the incident – she announced on social media that she had a new dog named Barnaby Joyce.

Amber Heard with her new dog, Barnaby Joyce. Credit: 7NEWS

It seems Joyce has no love for the famous couple either.

After news broke that Heard had named her new dog after him, Joyce was shocked sunrise viewers by describing Depp on live television as a “dead ***”.

Joyce said that while he thought a dog named after him was “a little crazy,” he was “flattered.”

“I can’t figure it out,” Joyce said.

‘I had forgotten her. She was out of my mind, but I’m on her mind.

“I’m there like a bee, buzzing around her brain.”

Joyce then took a blunt swipe at Depp.

“I’m Johnny right, you know she’s all “”Johnny is beautiful, Johnny is beautiful”…Johnny is a deads**t,” he said.

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