MAFS fans furious after show canceled in US: ‘WTF’

MAFS Australia stars have fans all over the worldwhich is why the American public was shocked when cable channel Lifetime decided to cancel the show despite a massive 300,000 viewers tuning in weekly.

Lifetime bought the rights the Channel Nine show in 2020 and will also air the US version of the show.

However, when excited viewers went to watch an episode last month, they found that the show was no longer airing during its usual timeslot and had instead been moved to the network’s streaming app.

MAFS Australia stars have fans all over the world, which is why US fans were outraged by the show’s cancellation on US TV. Photo: Nine

No explanation was given for the change, leaving fans very angry that they had to go elsewhere for the show despite having already paid for the channel.

Many fans accused Lifetime of trying to coerce viewers into their app, with some saying they only had the channel to watch MAFS and would leave the network.


“Your app is terrible,” wrote one angry viewer. “WAY too many ads. I absolutely hate it. I won’t be watching #MAFSAustralia next season because I don’t want to get hooked on a show just to resort to the 2nd half of the season on the Lifetime App.”

“So p***ed 😡 I can’t watch Lifetime anymore. Done!” another tweeted.

“Nobody asked for this,” said a third.

“Incredible-believable!!!” wrote another angry viewer. “I literally can’t believe that Lifetime took MAFS Australia off their regular cable TV channel in the middle of the goddamn season!! I hate this streaming crap…

US MAFS fans were outraged when they saw this tweet.  Photo: Twitter

US MAFS fans were outraged when they saw this tweet. Photo: Twitter

“So crazy!!! I hate all those apps, I just want to watch TV!!!” someone else agreed.

“What’s the use of getting the best show on TV?” added a user.

“Whoever was in charge of this decision should pull his head off his lower back. BRING IT BACK,” another furious.

While 300,000 viewers per episode may not be much compared to Australian and British audiences, it’s practically unheard of for a show made outside the US to do so well.

When the show first aired in the US, viewers were divided with some slamming the lack of diversity.

“No POC” [people of colour]† I won’t watch,” one viewer wrote.

“Are there no Hispanic, black or Asian people in Australia?” another questioned. “Every season they all look the same.”

“I thought the same… They’re all white with perfect bodies and lip fillers. No diversity at all,” agreed a third.

MAFS Brent and Tamara at the last dinner

Many American viewers turned down the show, wondering if Aussies had real lips, and saying they couldn’t understand the accent. Photo: Nine

While some suggested it was just the ‘demography’ in Australia, others argued that producers should do more.

Some viewers even jokingly wondered if Australians have “real lips”.

Other viewers complained about the background music, saying they couldn’t hear what was really going on, with one user quipped, “What’s with the melodramatic songs? It’s a marriage, not a war.”

Another said they couldn’t understand the Australian accent. “I can’t follow what they say with the accent.”

While many criticized the show, others shared their love for it, with one user writing, “Love this show! The process [is] so much better than the US version.”

“So much better than the American. It’s clearly scripted, but the drama makes it worth watching. The American pretends it’s ‘real’. So boring,” said another.

“Can’t wait. This is my favorite show. The Australian version is by far 150 percent better than the US version,” wrote a third.

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