The 4 Nintendo Switch Games That Got Me Through Being Awfully Sick

The 4 Nintendo Switch Games That Got Me Through Being Horribly Sick

I’ve been sick as a hapless landlubber on her first pirate quest for sweet, sweet loot this week.

The problem with being sick is that while I was pretty much dead to the world most of my time, I also had a few free hours to play some video games. This was slowed down, of course, by the fact that I couldn’t stare at a screen for more than 5 minutes before desperately blowing huge chunks.

So shock horror, folks! I’ve played some damn video games! Better yet, I played some pretty new releases on Nintendo Switch! Frankly, I was still in a bit of a state of flu-ridden delirium that may or may not have affected my experience.

In the words of my colleagues: Everything Is Content. While I wasn’t good enough to write full paragraphs about my feelings about the games while I was playing them, I can certainly recreate my thoughts from when I played, as well as my more cohesive thoughts now that I have a clearer mind.

Let’s go!


Sick Ruby

Haha, I’m a little boy. I am a bubbly boy. Energy boy. I am also my own worst enemy. Sometimes I die jumping on things. Ouch!

I have fun, but it is also very difficult. I’m just a little boy, why am I dying? Now I’m throwing my head around like it’s nothing. If I did that in real life, I think people would be annoyed by it.

Sound Ruby

ElecHead rocks. It was created by solo developer Nama Takahashi, and you play as a little robot boy named Elec. It’s a somewhat simple puzzle platformer that isn’t so hard that you punch a hole in the wall, but is challenging enough to make you feel really, really good when you figure it out.

One little thing I really liked was that you can go into the settings and change the color scheme of the game. As a lover of pink, this was a must for me. You can also unlock more color schemes in the game, which is a lot of fun!

It’s definitely a lot harder when you have the flu brain.

Lost Ruins

Sick Ruby

Girls! So many girls. cool monster girls and a lot of goblins. This game was made for me. I’m a girl, I’m a goblin. I am the cross between a girl and a goblin.

There are a lot of cool weapons and you just ruin everyone’s shit. Some of the cool monster girls are my friends! I love my cool monster girlfriends.

The game is very beautiful and fun. Also a bit stupid. I like to throw the ham.

Sound Ruby

Lost Ruins is a pretty awesome addition to the huge library of Metroidvania games available right now. It’s not perfect (some melee controls were a bit clunky), but it’s a short and sweet title nonetheless.

Where Lost Ruins really shining is his visuals. The character portraits are beautifully drawn and really stand out. The pixel art, especially of the bosses, is beautiful. I played the ‘Accessible’ difficulty, as I probably couldn’t have played anything else in my state, and it still offered a fair amount of challenge.

I stand by what I said about the throwing ham. That weapon is OP.

Portal Companion Collection

Sick Ruby

haha! Woe! Wow! Oooh, yo! Woah woah woah, oh! Wow!

Oooh, ooh! oh oh oh! Wow! Hurrah! haha! weee!

Sound Ruby

oh man i am lovingly the Portal: Companion Collection† I have no doubt that these games are perfect for a portable console† I’m a bit biased here because I’ve always loved the Portal games, but Valve really knocked these ports out of the park.

The ports of both games on the Nintendo Switch run so smoothly and have been my favorite way to play the games until now. If you want to repeat Portal and Portal 2or if you’re looking to play them for the first time, I highly recommend trying them on the Switch.

It requires the ability to play them on a laptop in bed and combines it with the controls you would get on the console version of the games. It rocks, it rules, and it was a blessing to hear Stephen Merchant’s voice come out of my Switch.

corpse factory

Sick Ruby

I can’t read!

Sound Ruby

I can’t give a full recommendation as I’m not done yet corpse factorybut I felt it necessary to include it here because I was indeed trying to play it when I first got sick.

For a visual novel corpse factory very cool! I had to play more of it when I was less sick because I foolishly played this game before one of the other games (when I was at my illeest). While there is great voice acting in this game, I foolishly had my Switch muted on the first game.

When I played it while I could read, I really enjoyed the unnerving energy that came out of this game. It does not rely on jumpscares, but instead opts for an infinite build-up of tension and suspense.

Not many choices are made by the player, so this is definitely more for visual novel fans who don’t mind not having full control over the plot.

I’m a lot better now, so the chance to play these games while I was sick and better too really opened my eyes to how your mood can affect the media you consume.

That said, being bedridden can sometimes be a blessing when you want to catch up on some new games. These games definitely helped me as I struggled to get better, and were definitely a saving grace when I didn’t have the brain capacity to make a coherent thought.

Do you have any games that helped you while you were very unwell? Throw your sick day games in the comments.

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