KD Goes ‘Dark’ Because Aussie Is Involved in Surprise Trade Destination; the unlikely Kyrie key: Rumor Mill

Brooklyn Nets runaway superstar Kevin Durant has reportedly “gone dark”, amid claims several stars in the league have tried to contact KD to try to “get a sense of what he’s thinking”. according to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports

This follows a previous suggestion by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst on the Hope Collective podcast that very preliminary talks have been held between the Nets and New Orleans Pelicans about a possible KD trade.

“I don’t know what they offer,” Windhorst told Andrew Lopez who covers the Pelicans for ESPN.

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“Maybe they haven’t offered it yet, but if you put Griff (David Griffin, EVP of the Pelicans) in the stands and ask, ‘Did you offer Brandon Ingram?’ he’d say, ‘No, your honor, that’s not right, I suppose.

“I mean, if they’re having conversations, they need to know that Ingram is involved. They are not taking, with all due respect, a warm package around CJ McCullum.”

Windhorst further speculated that any deal could also include Australian lottery Dyson Daniels, as long as the Pelicans don’t sign him a contract.

“The reason I mentioned Dyson Daniels is that once you sign a rookie, you can’t trade him for 60 days,” he said.

“Obviously the season is still a long way off, so that shouldn’t be a hindrance. But if you weren’t 100 percent sure, you’d wait.”

Windhorst also revealed that his sources strongly believe that the Nets prioritize star players over draft picks, and specifically “a star player or high-level star players” in exchange for KD to remain competitive for the foreseeable future.

NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski reported on: NBA today that the Nets were seeking “one of the biggest trading profits in league history” in exchange for Durant in the wake of the Rudy Gobert deal and that KD could still stay with the Nets next season if it goes on too long before the situation is resolved.


Brooklyn, another disgruntled superstar Kyrie Irving, is stuck in limbo with his potential trade destinations dwindling and the Nets are reportedly focused on finalizing a trade deal for KD first, according to Bleacher reportby Jake Fisher.

While the Lakers appear to be the only team at this stage showing significant interest in trading for Irving, talks between the two teams have seemingly slowed down with LA but to be aggressive in their efforts to comply with Nets’ demands. .

However, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski suggested: NBA today that the San Antonio Spurs could help the Lakers and Nets close a deal by creating a three-way street.

“The Nets have been talking to the Lakers and I believe there has been a back and forth communication,” he said.

“You look at where there is cap space right now and a team like San Antonio could now be a facilitator in say a Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving deal between the teams. They have the cap space.

“Now you have to boost them at a pretty high level and I think that’s the willingness of the Lakers to drive a deal with multiple draft picks. I think that’s part of the reason the deal isn’t going anywhere yet.” that can always change.

“Rob Pelinka and Sean Marks are in Vegas this week and moving forward. I’m sure they’ll have conversations there, but I guess that’s again part of the equation for Brooklyn, is it… do they deal with the Kevin Durant deal first and then rethink this?


It is reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on NBA today That the Los Angeles Lakers are exploring all avenues to improve their roster for next season, and in particular their shooting, with talks between the Nets about a potential Kyrie Irving deal leading to a stalemate.

“They’ve been looking at other deals,” he said.

“They’re going through, I know, checking in with Eric Gordon in Houston. That is certainly a player that interests them. A Buddy Loved in Indiana. … Both players are former clients of Rob Pelinka. …So the Lakers are looking at different scenarios in the market, but there’s no doubt Kyrie Irving is one of them.”

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