Which OLED TV should you buy this Prime Day?

A few years ago, just before the next generation of consoles arrived, it really felt like we had moved on to a new level and quality of television technology and screen quality that was largely powered by LG’s OLED panels. The super-deep blacks and beautiful colors and contrasts, along with a whole host of other modern TV tech features, made OLED TVs the pinnacle of home display technology for many. And that makes sales events like the next one Prime Day TV Deals incredible important and notable occasions. After all, everyone wants the best tech they can get, and Prime Day offers an excellent mid-year opportunity to get that, but in an even better scenario — by saving money at the same time.

Anyway, more people than ever want to wholesale upgrade to an OLED panel, or get the latest one (that’s their quality) almost every year. And that quality is extremely high – it’s no wonder so many of them grace the internet best game tvand best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X guides, including ours.

The choice is potentially harder than ever

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