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Dylan Rickard
XB Fairmont


“My Uncle Steve bought this XB Fairmont GS in the late 80’s when it was a GT mock-up in the original Apollo Blue. After a few years and a few different problems, it was stripped back to bare metal, sanded and primed, then put in the shed for 23 years. But in 2011, Uncle Steve passed away. When I was only 13, I begged my mother to give me the car, and after much persuasion, my aunt gave it to me to finally get it back on the road. I got a job in mid-2014 that allowed me to start using it, and that’s about when Mad Max: Fury Road came out.

That gave me the inspiration to turn it into a bare metal car, so some friends and I took the angle grinders and stripped it back and then a clear coat. Since then I have built a very healthy 351 Cleveland with open chamber 4V heads. It has a 750 Holley, Torquer intake manifold and other cool equipment, including an ’80s camshaft that gave it a good push while I was on my Ps. I drive the car regularly and it will always be a work in progress. Despite all the offers, I will never sell it because it has become a part of me.”

Jay Duca
Honda Odyssey

Street Machine Features Jay Duca Honda Odyssey 2


“These Honda Odysseys are normally just an aspirated K24 four-cylinder front-wheel drive, but I’m converting this one to RWD with a turbo 2JZ! Below that are the front and rear of the Nissan 350Z and as you can see the 2JZ had to be mounted quite far back.

I’m in the early stages and it will start as a 600hp build and then work up to a 1200hp combo. The goal is to get it Summernatsbut I would also like to do Sleep Challenge in it eventually.

Street Machine Features Jay Duca Honda Odyssey 1


All construction progress can be followed on my YouTube channel, Low Standards.”

Scott Perks
HZ Premier

Street Machine Features Scott Perks Hz Premier 2


“I am building a 1978 HZ Holden Premier which I bought in pieces and repainted. My dad cleaned the front with new bushings and suspension, and we fitted new wheels and tires. The interior will be completely converted from brown to black. The rear is a rebuilt Salisbury diff, while the gearbox is a Turbo 700.

The 5.0 liter comes from a VP Senator and we did a hot cam, lifters, timing chain and those kinds of basic mods. The exhaust has Pacemaker headers that run to a full three-inch system. There is still a lot to do, but we plan to get it on the road soon.”

Dylan Hawker
Nissan S13 180SX

Street Machine Features Dylan Hawker Nissan 180 Sx 3 Crop


“My project is a 1993 Nissan 180SX in which I decided to put in a 6.2-litre LSA supercharged crate engine. After years of drifting with the not-so-reliable SR20DET, I found it super unreliable and constantly breaking things. I was always chasing my tail and rarely got a full day out of it on the track.

After working two jobs and saving hard, I finally made the decision to start building what I’ve dreamed of for years. I was originally going to use an LS1 I had laying around in the shed, but managed to get my hands on a brand new LSA crate motor straight from Eagle Performance.

Street Machine Features Dylan Hawker Nissan 180 Sx 2 Crop


While building the car, I met my now best friend Millie, who also works as a mechanic. She was instrumental in getting the car to where it is today. We certainly shared some moments around this car, including laughter, sweat, lots of swearing and immense joy and excitement when the S13 first rolled out of the shed.

I couldn’t have done it without her! The car is nearing completion, including a recent dyno tuning that yields a safe 500rwhp. He’s seen the track twice without any drama, so the next step is to upgrade the rear as the stock differential isn’t quite right, then some paintwork and cosmetics. ”

Matt Zimmerle
XH Falcon panel van

Features of Street Machine Matt Zimmerle Xh Falcon Panel Van 3


“Meet Li’l Piggy, my father’s 1996 XH Falcon bus. She’s been in the family for five years. In that time she’s been lowered over a nice set of wheels, we replaced the bench seat with a few buckets and added an AU Falcon center console and wooden sports steering wheel.

The biggest change is under the hood, as we just finished a Barra swap, which, along with the four-speed automatic, came from a BA Futura.

Features of Street Machine Matt Zimmerle Xh Falcon Panel Van 4


The plan is to make Li’l Piggy a fun cruiser for me and Dad, and we’re also doing a Fairmont/Fairlane front-end swap.”

Simon Estall
Toyota HiLux

Features of the road machine Simon Estall Toyota Hilux 3


“My 1980 RN41 Toyota HiLux – I call her ‘Beccy’ – has been a bit of therapy for me over the past few years while battling depression. Thanks to the time she spent during Covid, she now runs, drives and does everything she should with a 1UZ-FE swap.

The engine and four-speed automatic for the ‘Lux came from a 1990 Toyota Celsior. The reason for the swap was because I’ve used Beccy to haul a lot of 1UZ motorcycles over the years, so I thought it was only fair that she finally got one herself.

Features of the road machine Simon Estall Toyota Hilux 1


The hardest part of the build by far was decoding the Celsior wiring for use in the HiLux, as I wanted all the factory stuff to work as if Toyota had built it that way from the factory.

The car did not require any body or chassis mods for the swap and is in the final stages of development. She will soon be repainted in Holden’s Regal Peacock green over Toyota Steel Blue grey.

Features of the road machine Simon Estall Toyota Hilux 2


I recently took a ride in it with my 14 year old son and his exact words were, “Dad, I’ve gone blind!” “Why?” I asked. He replied, “My eyeballs hit the back of my head when you stepped on it!”

Brendan Townshend
1937 Oldsmobile

Street Machine features Brendan Townshend 1937 Oldsmobile


“I’m in the process of building this 1937 Oldsmobile F37, which I’m putting in a Holden 202 and T5 manual transmission. The body of the car has quite a patina, but despite what you might think, there is actually no structural rust.

Street Machine features Brendan Townshend 1937 Oldsmobile 2


I’ve had the car for almost a year now and hopefully it will be on the road in a few months. I also have a Sandman panel van under construction so there is plenty to do.”

Have a fun ride currently in the works? Send photos of it along with some details to: In The Build, Street Machine, Locked Bag 12, Oakleigh, Vic 3166 or email Please note: Please send us copies of your prints as we cannot return photos.

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